The Librarians S02 Epo6: The Infernal Contract


In this week’s episode of “The Librarians” we learn that some people escaped reading Faust in high school and/or college, and that if you want to be a successful politician, you probably have to make a deal with the devil.

Jenkins’ Day Out

Sam Denning, played by Michael Trucco of “Battlestar Galactica” fame, is a local town hero in hot water.  His young, female, campaign intern has disappeared, and he is suspect number one. The situation is a pestilence upon his Mayoral campaign, so Sam enlists the help of friend/former love interest Eve Baird.

Meanwhile, the clip book informs the Librarians of the missing intern, so they join Eve on the intern hunt.  The hunt doesn’t take long. The intern’s lifeless body adds a whole new meaning to drop ceiling.


After recognizing a symbol at the scene, it is deduced that the present shenanigans are the work of a demon who is presumably feeding on souls. I wonder if souls taste like chicken?

Before the soul buffet can begin, someone must strike a deal with the demon. To keep things nice and legal, a contract must first be signed. The gang’s goal, heist the contract originally forged by the family of Denning’s Mayoral adversary.

I love how Jenkins is becoming more and more involved in the gang’s escapades. It was nice to see him out of the Library, looking striking in a cravat I might add. He and the demon, played by the equally charming John de Lancie of “Star Trek” fame, have quite the gentleman-off.  I thought John de Lancie did a great job keeping the performance charismatic yet subtle without taking it too far into Q territory.


I’m sure Jonathan Frakes’ directing also contributed to everyone’s wonderful acting in this episode.

Speaking of spectacular acting, Lindy Booth playing Cassandra, Jenkins’ arm candy was hilarious. Librarians undercover are always so much fun.


You Get A Contract, And You Get A Contract…

During the episode there was a poll regarding whether Sam Denning could be trusted. I, like Eve, tend to see the best in people, so I voted yes.  Boy was I wrong.

The Librarians find the contract and leave it in Eve’s too trusting hands. Denning, who has no problem punching a lady, snatches the contract.

Who shows up? The demon of course.

Denning ignores Eve’s warnings and gives in to the demon’s persuasions. Denning doesn’t consult a lawyer first. He doesn’t read a single word. He is so obsessed with wanting to be a big damn hero, he just scratches away at the evil contract. Seriously? You wouldn’t at least be a little skeptical?  Has he never heard of Faust?

Big surprise to Denning, his heroic desires come with a price. Innocent people must die. He is not overly alarmed at this, much to Eve’s fury.

Since the Librarians are super smart they are readily able to figure out that a gas explosion will be the disaster that ensures Denning is a hero, and leaves lots of souls for the demon to munch. The Librarians divert the gas away from the general population, but because the contract works against those who attempt to thwart it, the room seals, and the Librarians start to succumb to the noxious fumes.

Once again I’m impressed by Ezekiel. When the demon arrives and makes the offer that the soon- to- be- dead Librarians can trade their souls for a chance to live, and not just live, but have their greatest desires fulfilled. I worried that Ezekiel might say, “yes please.” Maybe Stone is correct, maybe Ezekiel is becoming a good guy.

As much as the demon tries to persuade Ezekiel, his seduction of Cassandra is even more unnerving.  Not only is she offered a chance to survive her present demise, that nagging little ‘time bomb’ in her head could be healed with just a touch of pen to contract. I have to imagine that there was a flicker of a moment where Cassandra considered accepting the offer. If I was in her situation, I’d at least give it a brief consideration.

I had no doubt that Stone would just say no, no matter what he was offered.


As involved and complicated as the episode was to this point, the ending ties up quick and easy. Eve writes over Denning’s name, thus becoming the new contract receiver. Per the contract, Eve needs to express a desire. She cleverly desires for the demon to become human. Thus, the contract is voided forever. The demon, spouting some lines reminiscent of a  Q once turned human, is no longer gluttonous for souls. Jenkins saves the suffocating Librarians, and the innocent masses live.


This episode was especially fun. It proved that Eve is an invaluable member of the team, offering both brains and brawn, which looks to be doubly important since Jenkins reveals that her real job is to protect the Librarians’ souls more than their bodies. She still might have her hands full with Ezekiel.

It’s nice to see that the writers are just as much fans as the viewers. Between the muttered Q like lines from John de Lancie, and the giant store window reading “Frack” behind Michael Trucco, it makes me happy that those involved with making the show seem invested in adding details to the show that say,

“I hope this makes you smile.”

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