Celebrate 75 Years With The Iconic WONDER WOMAN: REBIRTH #1 On The Wednesday Run

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1Last week saw the launch of a number of new DC Comics #1 issues – all under the “Rebirth” brand. Of course, this column, like much of the pop culture world, focused on their significance, which you can read about that right here.

Yeah, it’s pretty exciting stuff.

But it’s summer, after all, and that must mean a DC Universe reboot.

We comic book fans are suckers for reboots. We may gripe about them and their yearly regularity, but we love them nonetheless. And so do comic book stores. Those “Rebirth” branded issues last week saw some pretty high sales numbers and there are many more to be released over the coming weeks.

But there’s one “Rebirth” title that I’m really excited about, really rooting for. And it’s out today – with a timely new start for its title character.

This year, the iconic and world-renowned Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th year! Follow me after the jump for the brand new Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1!

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

Written by: Greg Rucka

Illustrated by: Liam Sharp and Paulo Siqueira

Published by: DC Comics

In a comic book world where everything changes with a regular occurrence but still manages to pretty much stay the same, the “Rebirth” series of DC Comics publications is making some interesting promises.

After the last four years of DC’s “New 52” storytelling experiment, the company decided that something was missing from their line of comic books. Being a constant and, it must be said, somewhat diminishing, second fiddle to number one publisher Marvel Comics, will make a company look introspectively like that, I suppose. Still, with the “New 52” reboot where characters became younger and “appeared” as heroes in the world for the ”first time”, the line of Batman, Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman comics (as well as so many others) published by DC Comics, had lost their long-standing and important sense of legacy.

Legacy. It’s a hallmark of DC Comics, who have been publishing some of the greatest pop culture creations since 1934.

Now, over the last four years, some of those “New 52” comics turned out great – but a vast majority of them eventually left a pale taste of indifference in the mouths of readers. Wonder Woman, by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang was one of the good ones. We talked about it, and lauded it, on many occasions in this very column.

Today, we get the “Rebirth” version of that character. This time, the series is written by the acclaimed Greg Rucka (Black Magick, Lazarus, Gotham Central) and illustrated by Liam Sharp (Testament, The Possessed, X-Men, Hulk).

And “Rebirth” it truly is!

Coming off of a huge loss, Wonder Woman must rebuild herself as earth’s heroic Amazonian protector. But with this rebirth comes a whole host of dark mystery and enemies steeped in Diana’s very own legacy, including questions about her home of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 will set the new Wonder Woman series into motion later this month – and with Rucka at the helm, you know this will be both a great and important series for all of us to be a part of. While Azzarello gave us an amazing self-contained Wonder Woman story four year ago, this new tale aims to outdo even that offering and become the greatest Wonder Woman tale of all time!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and get in on the 75th anniversary celebrations with the brand new Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1!

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