Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide Day 5 – DC Comics: The New 52

This past September was a historic month in the comic book industry for publishers, retail stores, collectors and readers (both long time, casual or new). Not much is unprecedented when it comes to comics, but this fall, DC made the difficult decision to try something new and revolutionary: they ended every series they published.

Whether it was Action Comics, the industry’s longest-running series, published continuously since 1938, or something new like Xombi, which lasted only six monthly issues, no title was spared the “final issue” fate.

In an effort to boost flagging sales and restart stories and characters anew without the burden of decades of continuity, fifty-two new “first issue” titles were borne unto the pop culture world. It made headlines across the globe – you must have seen one or two of them.

Not everyone can afford the cost (or the time reading) fifty-two new, $3 comics, on a monthly basis. I know I can’t. And not many want to take a chance on something new either, putting down hard-earned money on a long shot. So, after careful consideration in late August and early September, I gave you what I thought were the top 10 new DC Comics titles here and here.  Truth be told, four months later, I still stand by those recommendations.

But lucky for us who didn’t purchase all of those fifty-two titles! DC has decided to reprint every September first issue into a new compilation hardcover, an immense and heroic tome of artwork and word balloons by a plethora of writers and illustrators, containing 1,216 pages and measuring nearly three inches thick!

Released on December 13th, it’s just in time for Christmas!

DC Comics: The New 52: everything (and I mean everything) is here in this once-in-a-lifetime, massive book: the flagship action of Justice League #1, The riveting mystery of Batman #1, the beautiful artwork of Batwoman #1, the terrifying Animal Man #1, the crazy-fun Stormwatch #1, the acclaimed All-Star Western #1 and the surprisingly awesome I, Vampire #1 where main characters don’t shimmer.

There’s something for every kind of reader here, whether you like the genres of superheroes, science or detective fiction, western, teen-lit or horror. You literally can’t go wrong picking the book up this holiday season for any lover of comic books, art or visual storytelling. Heck, it would even make a fascinating conversation piece sitting on a coffee table!

Now, DC Comics: The New 52 is not a cheap book. It retails for $150. But we like a bargain here at Biff Bam Pop! and we do our research. The best price I’ve seen thus far can currently be found at, saving you 40% right off the top!

If you’re not entertained by the stories contained within DC Comics: The New 52, at well over seven pounds, feel free to use the book as part of your new year’s resolution work out routine.

Ah, don’t sweat it. You, or a very happy recipient, child or adult, will be gloriously entertained with it, reading away and flipping pages until at least next year’s holiday season.

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