Multiple Artists, Issues & Earths For The Multiversity #1 On The Wednesday Run

Look, the DC Universe is a complex thing.

Despite the attempts of creative and quite brilliant writers, artists and editors to simplify a readers’ understanding of the various realities, superheroes and super villains that make up the history (and our enjoyment) of the DC Comics company, it’ll just have to remain convoluted. And mysterious. And fun. Blame the Flash of Two Worlds.

Understand: no amount of reboots or re-numberings can change that.

Still, today sees the seemingly incomprehensible DC Multiverse look more beautiful, more organized and more appealing than ever before.

Join me after the jump for Multiversity #1!

Multiversity 1 coverThe Multiversity #1

Written by: Grant Morrison

Illustrated by: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Published by: DC Comics

Ever since 1961 where one Flash met the Flash of another earth (within the pages of The Flash #123), the DC Universe of characters and worlds has become increasingly complicated. It’s a veritable multiverse with: Earth-Prime, Earth-Two, Earth-616, Earth-S, and Earth-X to name only a few.

The only idea that kept a sense of sanity to the infinite number of different dimensions and different versions of characters (a fertile playground for writers and artists alike over the years) was that they were possible because they all vibrated on a different frequency. We’re talking string theory here, folks – in comic books! In an elegant universe like ours, adults and children alike are getting a degree course in physics (minus the tutelage of Professor Greene) along with their capes and masks fix!

Since 1961, the DC Universe has been weaned down to 52 distinct universes. The reasons behind that are best left for another time – just accept that that’s the way it is.

And now, finally, with the double-sized issue of The Multiversity #1, writer Grant Morrison will begin to take fans on a tour of those 52 universes. Each issue in the series will showcase a different earth with different heroes and different villains, illustrated by a different artist. There will be six chapters in all, with two extra issues framing a story that crosses all earths as well as an upcoming comprehensive guidebook.

With The Multiversity #1, acclaimed artist Ivan Reis gets first dibs showcasing President Superman of Earth-23, who uncovers an apocalyptic threat to all reality in every reality!

Look, this story is nearly a decade in the making. Morrison has talked about it in interviews for, well, forever. And that’s only on this earth! Who knows what he’s been doing on Earth-99x!

The Multiversity series is going to be an enthusiastically fun romp through the various realities that make up this post New52 DC Universe. Look for it to be Morrison’s DC swan song, tying into his Final Crisis and Seven Soldiers of Victory titles. (Look them up and read them if you haven’t already! They’re great!)

Multiversity MapFor the low-down on The Multiversity series of titles and a leg up on the important comics that influenced it, check out DC’s own Multiversity webpage where they’ve also got a 7-day digital sale on all those influencing titles.

As a heads up, here’s an interactive map of the DC Multiverse that you’ll be touring with The Multiversity.

So make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up The Multiversity #1 and get lost in the adventures within the most fascinating worlds you know – but have never experienced before!

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  1. I loved this! Grant Morrison is back in JLA and Doom Patrol mode. Can’t wait for the next issue!

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