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#Kirby100: IDW’s Jack Kirby Pencils and Inks: Artisan Edition

I can’t draw to save my life. But I can look at the work of Jack Kirby all day. And while there are countless digital compilations of so much of his seminal work at DC and Marvel, there’s something about holding physical collections of King Kirby’s great art that is something special.

The folks at IDW know this, and for years have been releasing outstanding large-scale volumes of original Kirby art and stories. Slightly smaller than their award-winning artist editions is their book Jack Kirby Pencils and Inks: Artisan Edition.

Jack Kirby Artisan Edition.jpg

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31 Days of Horror 2013: Tales from the Longbox – The Demon #1-4 (1986)

Every other week, Jason Shayer will highlight an issue or a run of issues pulled from the horde of comic book long boxes that occupy more room in his house than his wife can tolerate. Each of these reviews will delve into what made that issue or run significant as well as discuss the creative personalities behind the work. “Long Box” refers to the lengthy, white cardboard boxes most comics find themselves stored within – bagged, alphabetized and numerically ordered.

demon1The Demon #1-4
Writer – Matt Wagner
Artists – Matt Wagner/Art Nichols

A tip of the hat to JP Fallavollita who covered issue #1 back in July 2012 –

Back in 1986, Etrigan the Demon had last enjoyed a regular series 15 years earlier by his legendary creator, Jack Kirby. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing was rekindling the darker corners of the DC universe and a memorable guest appearance by Etrigan in that title was enough to convince DC to give their rhyming demon another chance.

The Powers-That-Be called upon the services of Matt Wagner who was one of the more prominent Indy creators in the 1980s with his creator-owned series, Mage and Grendel. It’s not difficult to see how the themes that Wagner explored with his own anti-hero Grendel and his own dark world were exactly what DC was looking for.

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The Wednesday Run – September 14, 2011

It’s another Wednesday on the comic book store shelves and it’s another DC title that gets my attention. Sorry to all you Marvel lovers out there, but this was always going to be DC’s month. Still, if you just need to read a comic, any comic from the “House of Ideas,” then go pick up Ultimate Comics Spider-Man # 1. Not for the fact that Spider-Man is now Miles Morales, a teenager of African-American and Latino decent, which might prove interesting in itself, but for the amazing Sara Pichelli artwork!

I’ve already discussed my 10 most anticipated titles of DC’s new 52 comics appearing throughout the month (you can read about them here and here), but it’s Demon Knights that has raised my eyebrow this week. Read the rest of this entry

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