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The Haunted House of Jeff Szpirglas: Southbound

One of the things I love about horror films is how they both embrace conventions much as they try tearing them to bloody shreds. Trends have often defined the genre, from the old Gothic thrillers of yesteryear, to the heaving cleavage and lush period detail of the Hammer films, to the glut of jerky handheld found footage films of today. There’s something endearing about a genre that has this push-pull adherence to its own set of tropes. It’s what helps to imbue horror movies with such a joyful sense of play, assuming your idea of joy is having the bejeezus scared out of you. Read the rest of this entry


Biff Bam Podcast Episode 2 – Interviews with Black Christmas stars Lynne Griffin, Nick Mancuso and Doug McGrath


To celebrate the brand new Blu-ray edition of the 1974 horror classic Black Christmas, we had the chance to sit down with stars Lynne Griffin, Nick Mancuso and Doug McGrath to talk about the film’s legacy, its place in Canadian horror and why it still matters today. You can listen to it below, or download it from iTunes or Podbean.

Black Christmas is available now from Anchor Bay Canada here.



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Mr. Jones Will Haunt Your Dreams

Sometimes I dream about packing it all in for a month and going to live in a quiet, remote wooded area, where I can write the Great Canadian Novel. Or just a novel. I don’t want to aim TOO high. Then I watch a movie like Mr. Jones, from our pals at Anchor Bay, and I realize, I’m not going anywhere.

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I Love DK Contest!

I received an email from our pals at DK Canada this week, letting me know about a pretty cool contest that they’ve got going on. DK, as you likely know, is the prime publisher of awesome pop culture hardcover books (among many other titles). You can read all our coverage of DK titles here.

As DK explains: Every February we create a boutique of our most popular books as selected by readers. Each person who votes is entered into a draw for a $250 DK shopping spree where they can choose whatever books they like from our website!

Click on the image below and make a vote now! I love DK and you should too!


Danielle Panabaker Delivers In Girls Against Boys


You probably haven’t heard about Girls Against Boys, an under the radar vengeance flick directed by Austin Chick and staring Danielle Panabaker and Nicole LaLiberte as two young women out to even the score against some very bad men. The film had a very limited release and is out on DVD/Blu-Ray/VOD today.

Do not miss it. Stop reading, go and order this asap and watch it. Or check out the trailer below and then read a glowing review.

Your call.

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Preview: Biff Bam Pop Meets The Cast And Crew Of The Collapsed

Tuesday saw the DVD release of The Collapsed, the acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller from director Justin McConnell. Without giving too much a way, the film involves a family of four making their way out of a devastated city, on the way to the country and hopefully safe haven. Along the way, something or someone may be after them.

There’s more to the film, but I’ll let director McConnell explain things more when we post our interview with the director and members of his cast and crew, conducted at Toronto’s Eyesore Cinema earlier this week. We’ll have that up in a few days, but in the meantime you can check out the trailer for the film and some photos of the event, courtesy of Biff Bam Pop’s own Corina Hitchcock.

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The Wicker Tree Tests My Faith

The Wicker Tree is the sequel to the cult classic The Wicker Man and if you were a fan of the original, writer/director Robin Hardy is also responsible for this curious theatrical follow up. Starring nobody reputable, you might recognize Graham McTavish as the bad guy. But other than one fantastically short and relatively hardcore scene, the most exciting moment is the 30 second appearance from Christopher Lee, a weak throw back to the original. Otherwise, prepare for a movie about reborn Christian missionaries who fall prey to a Scottish conspiracy to cover up an environmental disaster through Paganism… WHAT?! Yup.

Oh and worth mentioning before you make the jump… The Wicker Tree is a follow up to the original 1973 version, and not the Nic Cage version (Seth, how is he NOT in this movie?!?)

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Trailer Time: The Divide

TheDividePosterThe Divide is one of those films that has eluded me, despite being quite high on my ‘most recommended’ and ‘must watch’ lists. Thankfully, this post-apocalyptic psycho-drama from Anchor Bay has finally come to video! Starring Michael Biehn, Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Rosanna Arquette and more, no one really stood out until I read the director: Xavier Gens.

Probably best known for Hitman, I think Gens’ Frontière(s) is probably closer to what The Divide will offer – awesome ultra-gory nihilism (fingers crossed!)

Check out the trailer below; I’ll post my review soon, but this’ll give you time to pick up a copy of The Divide so you can help pass judgement!

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