Cold Skin

Gilbert Speaks on Xavier Gen’s ‘Cold Skin’

A study of who the real monsters are in this world, Cold Skin will get under your skin.

31 Days of Horror 2022: The Performances That Make Us Scream — Robert Mitchell, “Frontier(s) (2007)”

31 Days of Horror: Soldier of Cinema’s Robert Mitchell writes about Xavier Gens’ Frontier(s) (2007) and Karina Testa’s Guttural Scream from Hell!

Fantasia 2018: ‘Cold Skin’ is a Chilling Look at the Nature of Montrosity

The Fantasia 2018 selection, ‘Cold Skin,’ is a masterfully frightening and affecting film in which the main characters must combat monsters from both without and within.

The Divide Is A Harsh And Harrowing Apocalyptic Thriller

A few of us Biff Bam Poppers have watched the new Xavier Gens film The Divide lately, and I think we’ve all come away with different opinions on the post-nuclear war … Continue reading The Divide Is A Harsh And Harrowing Apocalyptic Thriller


Trailer Time: The Divide

The Divide is one of those films that has eluded me, despite being quite high on my ‘most recommended’ and ‘must watch’ lists. Thankfully, this post-apocalyptic psycho-drama from Anchor Bay … Continue reading Trailer Time: The Divide