Purrfectly Nightmarish Reading With ‘Hairball #1’ On The Wednesday Run


They’re lovable, aren’t they?

They’re full of personality and a fun kind of mischief with oodles of physical humour to spare. Really, remember those times when their acrobatically balanced feet and tail still somehow knocked over your glass of milk? Or the ensuing comedy when you would throw a little light against a wall, moving it around slowly and then quickly, and your favourite pet started pawing and jumping after it, running around the room, frantically trying to catch something that is not altogether there!

Oh! Oh, the hilarity! It’s truly never ending!

Anyway, cats are cute and cuddly and playful little critters, even if they may make you sneeze. They make great semi-independent companions, vocally lamenting you leaving for work every morning and meowing your triumphant return every evening. Sure, some might say it’s just because they demand food, but I know that cat owners will say that it’s due to affection.

No wonder the ancient Egyptians loved them.

Still, after all the comedic antics and after wiping your tears of laughter away, let’s face reality. Those adorable cats are also mercurial, aren’t they? When you look at them in their eyes, deep into those vertical almond-shaped pupils, if we’re honest, it looks like their minds are never content to rest, even if they’re perched on your lap or computer keyboard at the most inopportune of times. No, those little animal brains are always turning, always considering, always planning.

They hide deep secrets, don’t they?

And in the times that they’re not gently purring their affections as you stroke them, they’re probably plotting against you.

No wonder darkly-powered witches kept them as familiars.

Today sees the release of a new dark and terrifying comic book miniseries with a secretive and altogether twisted cat at the center of its story: Hairball.

Written by fan favourite and award-winning writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Dept.H, Fear Case, Apache Delivery Service and last week’s The Wednesday Run highlight, Mister Mammoth) alongside brilliant illustrator, Tyler Jenkins (Fear Case, Apache Delivery Service, Never Boy, Peter Panzerfaust) here, exercising his dark-arts illustrative muscles, Hairball is a brand new, hair-raising, four-issue miniseries from publisher Dark Horse Comics and the Flux House imprint that may very well affirm the fears of many cat-owners!  

In Hairball, young Anna has adopted a stray cat – a black one, of course – that her parents have allowed her to keep as her own. A brand-new best friend for the quiet girl. How sweet. But between her parent’s escalating disagreements and in-fighting and as strange and supernatural troubles mount in Anna’s life, she begins to suspect that her seemingly innocuous feline friend “Bestie” is behind all of the malcontent and horror that has been plaguing her. In attempts to rid herself of the cat, Anna discovers that, perhaps, there is a greater evil at work and “Bestie”, as diabolical as the cat may be, is the only thing standing between Anna and something entirely wicked.

Put your familiar in their most comfortable spot, give them their favourite toy, feed them their favourite food and slyly sneak yourself out of your home without your animal noticing. Head over to your local comic book shop today and pick up the frightening tale (tail?) that is Hairball #1.   

You can catch a sneak peak of Hairball #1 right here.

For an even deeper look into the supernatural horror series, watch the entirely freaky and deliciously nerve-wracking comic book trailer directly below!

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