Big Ups For The Noir Mystery Of ‘Mister Mammoth HC’ On The Wednesday Run

Every great work of the hard-boiled detective pop culture genre, whether in book form or television, has a memorable and larger-than-life main character.

Think Sam Spade of The Maltese Falcon, Phillip Marlowe of The Big Sleep and other Raymond Chandler novels, Mike Hammer of various Mickey Spillane books or Ed Exley, Bud White and Jack Vicennes ofJames Ellroy’s L.A. Confidential. In television there’s Jim Rockford of The Rockford Files and “just one more thing” Lieutenant Columbo, made famous by actor Peter Falk.

In the comic book medium, over the decades we’ve been treated to a number of great noir detective series including The Shadow, Sin City, Sandman Mystery Theatre, Gotham Central and Criminal, just to start. And sure, they all had memorable main characters.

But none of them are quite like the main character (or his compelling backstory) that readers are treated to in the Mister Mammoth hardcover graphic novel, published via Dark Horse Comics, today!

Written by award-winning comic book luminary and fan-favourite, Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Dept.H, BRZRKR, Spy Superb, Super Spy, Fear Case) and wonderfully illustrated by internationally acclaimed French artist Jean-Denis Pendanx in his north American debut, Mister Mammoth is a 128-page, hard-boiled detective yarn unlike any you have seen or read before.

Originally produced as two volumes in the French language throughout Europe in 2022, publisher Dark Horse Comics has finally brought the story to an English-speaking audience, compiled in its entirety for the first time. Mister Mammoth is also the first graphic novel that proudly wears the Flux House imprint banner, which is writer Kindt’s banner for all his various – and varied – artistic offerings.

Mr. Mammoth is the world’s greatest detective. And at a fully lumbering and imposing seven feet of brick shit-house height, you’d think no one would ever want to mess with him. But curiously, Mr. Mammoth is a devout pacifist, strangely covered from head to toe in an impressive collection of horrific scars. He has an unnatural admiration for soap operas and an actress who may or may not even exist. At present, the great Mr. Mammoth can’t quite solve his latest case which may hold clues to his own traumatic childhood. Still, right now, his entire world seems to be unraveling: is he solving a crime…or perpetrating one?

Now, that’s a memorable and larger-than-life main character and story! Under the pen, pencil and brush of Mr. Kindt and Monsieur Pendanx, Mister Mammoth is sure to provoke thought, trigger thrills and elicit entertainment for every lover of mystery fiction!

Make the run to your local comic book shop or bookstore and pick up the amazingly and artistically wonderful Mister Mammoth today!          

For a sneak preview of Mister Mammoth, click here.

To get a really good sense of the amazing visuals and the prevailing story of the Mister Mammoth graphic novel, you can watch the trailers (full of cool 70’s TV detective-themed muzak) of the original French publications, directly below.

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