The Week in Horror: ‘Fresh’, ‘Audition’, ‘You Are Not My Mother’, + more!

Indie horror! Cosmic horror! Zombies and cannibals, oh my! This week’s The Week in Horror has a little bit of all of the above, and a whole lot more.

If cosmic horror is what you’re looking for, Dan Riddle’s new film The Last Possession might be just the tonic you need. Melding an exorcism story with some intergalactic shenanigans, The Last Possession tells the tale of a family forced to confront a diabolical entity.

In The Last Possession, “Kent Peroni (Stephen Brodie) is forced to move his wife, Stephanie (Cassie Shea Watson), nine-year-old son, Jack (Sawyer Bell), and six-year-old daughter, Gabby (Lourelle Jensen) into the home where his estranged father (Tom Proctor) committed suicide years ago. Once there, the young family begins to notice strange events around the house, which become so terrifying they finally turn to a medium. Spirit guide, Granny Inez (Patricia Rae) arrives, hoping to cleanse the home for Kent’s family, only to learn they’re horrifyingly wrong about the nature of the evil that surrounds them.  “

Check out the spooky trailer ahead of the film’s release on Digital and VOD on March 11!

Shudder’s Cursed Films series discusses movies that have a legendary reputation, where the cast, crew, or even the audience were struck by some unexplained misfortune. The first season covered The Crow, The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, and Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Series creator Jay Cheel hit Twitter this week to announce the second season lineup of Cursed Films, coming to Shudder on April 7. Personally, I can’t wait to see the Cannibal Holocaust episode, covering what many would say is the most notorious film in horror history.

I’m sure any actor will tell you that the casting and auditioning process can be as scary as any horror film, and a new horror called, yup, Audition is really tapping into that. Audition is a found footage horror that seems to be crafting it’s own mythology by purporting to be “made with footage recently found in a mannequin warehouse in Dallas, Texas. ”

The synopsis goes even further to state that “this film has been made with permission and in cooperation with the victims’ families in order to serve as a WARNING to other young women and people in general about meeting people online or on apps—especially if they have something you want or need. In the movie, we follow several young wanna-be starlets auditioning for a “Director” (who was going by the name of David Ashland) in this unique POV Film from the killer’s perspective.”

Take a look a the trailer, and if you’d like more, Audition is available on VOD right now!

Deadline reports that True Blood alum Ryan Kwanton and Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons are signed on for a new supernatural horror called Glorious from director Rebekah McKendry. In the movie, “Kwanten plays a young man who is spiraling out of control after a bad breakup. His situation worsens after he finds himself locked inside a rest stop bathroom with a mysterious figure (J.K. Simmons) speaking to him from an adjacent stall. As he tries to escape, he realizes he is an unwilling player in a situation bigger than he could have imagined.”

Barbara Crampton is listed as a producer on this one, so it’s already got my interest piqued. We’ll have more on this one as production rolls on!

I loved Kate Dolan’s shocking Ireland-set You Are Not My Mother at TIFF this year, and the religious-themed family horror is finally coming to theatres and On Demand on March 25. Dolan’s slow-brewing tension is on full display in a brand new trailer.

In You Are Not My Mother, “It’s the week before Halloween. Char’s bedridden mother, Angela, has mysteriously gone missing. All that remains is her abandoned car parked in the middle of a field. When Angela returns home to their North Dublin estate the following evening without explanation, it becomes clear to Char and her grandmother, Rita, that something is amiss. She might look and sound the same, but Angela’s behavior has become increasingly erratic and frightening, as if she has been replaced by a malevolent force. As Halloween approaches, a night steeped in ancient Irish myth and legend, Char must unearth the dark secrets of her family in order to uncover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance and save her, even if it means potentially losing her forever.”

Takashi Shimizu introduced us to Kayako Saeki in the original Ju-On: The Grudge and the remake, and he’s back with a brand new horror called Suicide Forest Village, which comes to On Demand and Digital HD on March 1. The SCREAMBOX service will also host the film on May 6.

Suicide Forest Village is based on the Aokigahara Forest near Mount Fuji, which is known to be a site where people go to end their lives. In the movie, “when a group of friends come across a mysterious box, they unleash a curse that quickly spreads to those around them. The source of the box is the Jukai Village, where it is said that the land holds a grudge against trespassers and anyone that enters it, cannot escape alive.”

Suicide Forest Village stars  Jun Kunimura (Kill Bill: Vol. 1), Yumi Adachi (Tokyo Vampire Hotel) and Asuka Kurosawa (Silence). Take a look at the  full trailer!

Finally, the best trailer I saw this week is for Mimi Cave’s festival favourite, Fresh. The horror-comedy is written by Lauryn Kahn and stars Sebastian Stan, Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Andrea Bang. This one’s been getting rave reviews and hits Hulu on March 4. The trailer, though, is so sharply edited and compelling that I’ll be chewing my fingernails in anticipation.

In Fresh, “Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) meets the alluring Steve (Sebastian Stan) at a grocery store and – given her frustration with dating apps – takes a chance and gives him her number. After their first date, Noa is smitten and accepts Steve’s invitation to a romantic weekend getaway. Only to find that her new paramour has been hiding some unusual appetites.”

Check out the trailer here!

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