From the House of Ideas: ‘Iron First #1’ introduces a new martial arts hero

Do you need to read each and every comic published by Marvel to appreciate everything that’s going on in thr 616 universe?

Iron Fist #1 is proof positive that the answer is no, as long as you’ve got a capable writer delivering a good story.

Here’s the truth – I have no idea how our usual Iron Fist, Danny Rand, lost his mystical Ku’un-Lun mojo. He’s not a character I’ve ever been particularly interested, so I haven’t been following his exploits. However, I did know there was a new Iron Fist on the horizon, which is why I was interested in seeing what writer Alyssa Wong and artist Michael YG were going to deliver in Iron Fist #1. Was it going to be enough to get me interested?

The answer is a definite yes, but not necessarily a resounding one; at least, not yet. Now, it’s not the fault of either creator. The story they’ve given here is well-crafted and readable, with lots of solid action, and having been familiar with the new Iron Fist (whose name, while I know is now out there I shan’t reveal here) thanks to their appearance in the excellent Death of Doctor Strange tie-in White Fox, I was able to get into the story more than if it was someone I wasn’t remotely familiar with. How you digest this title could be based on your own familiarity with said character, which is why I can’t entirely suggest you’re going to love this book.

There are lots of building blocks laid down in Iron Fist #1, though, enough to get me coming back for the second issue to see how the story progresses and you could very well feel the same way.

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