What’s Going On: UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro, Zach Zoya, Maddie Schwartz, Vince Staples, Boslen

It’s time for another edition of What’s Going On. This week, we’ve got the latest from UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro, Boslen, Vince Staples, and Zach Zoya. Plus, the debut of promising newcomer Maddie Schwartz. As always, if you like what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro – English pop-reggae legends UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro are back with the new single “Sufferer”, a cover of The Kingstonians classic. The first taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming album Unprecedented, this new single feels extra poignant as it is dedicated to Astro, who sadly passed away this past November. Discussing their cover, Ali Campbell says: “‘Sufferer’ is a song that Astro and I have always loved, from the brilliant Kingstonians. Astro was so proud of our version of this song, as am I. This song is more poignant and special than I ever realised, after Astro heartbreakingly passed away after recording this album. We want to keep his memory alive through his music and this song and album.” Unprecedented is due out on June 17th.

Listen to UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro’s new single “Sufferer” below.

Zach Zoya – Rapper-singer-songwriter Zach Zoya is out now with “Strangers In The House” and he’s brought fellow Montreal performer Soran along with him. A more mellow and stripped-down affair, the new single shows off a new dimension of Zach Zoya and his sound. Explaining the feel of “Strangers In The House”, Zach Zoya says: “This song felt really natural in the way we made it because it was more about capturing the essence of a moment we had just witnessed as opposed to trying to create something out of nothing.” If you want more, check out Zach Zoya this Spring on the Quebec dates of Charlotte Cardin’s 2022 North American tour.

Listen to Zach Zoya’s new single “Strangers In The House” ft. Soran below.

Maddie Schwartz – Rising pop sensation Maddie Schwartz is kicking off her 2022 with the release of Voice Memos, her debut EP. Released earlier this week, Voice Memos consists of three gorgeous acoustic pop tracks free of any bells, whistles, gimmicks or played-out tropes. The teen newcomer showcases her emotive vocals, a gift for channeling her thoughts and emotions into relatable lyrics, and a knack for crafting a fine melody – skills that are sure to take her very far. Voice Memos is streaming now on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. Get into it!

Listen to “Chains on Me” from Maddie Schwartz’s new EP Voice Memos below.

Vince Staples – After dominating critics’ top albums of 2021 lists with his eponymous fourth studio album, Vince Staples is back with “Magic.” His new album Ramona Park Broke My Heart is due out this April and “Magic” is the first taste of what fans can expect. You’re probably asking yourself what the album title is all about. Well, it’s a reference to the Ramona Park neighborhood of Long Beach, CA – where Vince Staples is from.  Sonically, “Magic” is pretty smooth but when you listen carefully, it’s a rather complex tune about life in his hood. Discussing why the album title fits the vibe of the new project, Vince Staples says: “It’s symbolic of home. And everyone has a home. Even though it’s very personal to me, everyone can relate to it. That’s why I thought it would work for this chapter.”

Listen to Vince Staples’s new single “Magic” ft. Mustard below.

Boslen – Vancouver hip-hop provocateur Boslen is ushering in his new GONZO era with the release of his new single “LEVELS.” His forthcoming album GONZO is due out later this year and as the album’s title implies, it’s going to be bigger and louder. “LEVELS” takes all of the attitude and genre-blending that we’ve come to love from Boslen and kicks it up a notch. Explaining what he was going for on “LEVELS”, Boslen says: “When I wrote ‘LEVELS,’ I wanted to challenge myself by breaking the fourth wall and showcasing how the highs and lows of moving in this industry can affect an artist. I wanted listeners to hear a new side of my tonality. I feel like I poured in more emotion than I ever have before. ‘LEVELS’ really sets the tone for GONZO, and I can’t wait for my fans to hear the full project.”

Listen to Boslen’s new single “LEVELS” below.

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