Kryptonian Legacy Is As Strong As Steel In “Future State: Superman: House of El #1” On The Wednesday Run

Since the beginning of the year, DC Comics has been publishing weekly a whole host of comic book one-shots and mini-series featuring the “Future State” banner.

“Future State” is the sort of re-establishing and re-introduction of DC characters and situations for an existing audience as well as a new one. Well, that’s the hope in any of these line-wide re-brands.

That’s a lot of “re-” isn’t it?

But that’s how these things work. How better to shine a light on a whole host of characters than to tie in a multitude of two months of publications – and set each story in the future?

Now, some of these futures are nearly now, some are years out, some are, potentially, alternate universes altogether. And some, like Future State: Superman: House of El # 1, are tantalizingly set centuries down the road.

And, well, that’s just fascinating.

How did Superman’s lineage get to this point in time? Plenty of stories between now and then to be published, ain’t that right, DC?

Future State: Superman: The House of El #1

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson (The Last God, New Talent Showcase 2018) and illustrated by Scott Godlewski (The Dark and Bloody, The Lost Boys), Future State: Superman: The House of El #1 is a one-shot publication that tells the story of the Superman family in the far-flung future.

Here are a new generation of heroes, including the decedents of Jonathan Kent – the twins Rowan and Ronan Kent! Rowan is the new Superman of Earth and Ronan is a Blue Lantern! In this version of Superman’s future, you’ll also find Theand’r Ban-El whose mother was Tamaranean, as well as death himself, New God – the Black Racer!

But there are villains in this far-future, too. Here, among all the heroic descendants of the world’s greatest hero, plots the diabolical foe known only as the Red King.

If it all sounds like superheroes meets science fiction and fantasy, you’d be right! Phillip Kennedy Johnson is a world-builder of a writer and with Future State: Superman: House of El, he’s plotting a future world full of threat and action and wonder. All of this, of course, right before he begins his take on the modern-day Superman title next month.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Future State: Superman: House of El and find out exactly where the Man of Steel’s life leads!

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