The Future Is Now For Future State: Swamp Thing #1 On The Wednesday Run

A new year unquestionably brings new resolutions, new goals and new ideas. That’s just as true for DC Comics, the publishing company, as it is for you and me.

Spinning out of the recent smash hit series, Dark Nights: Death Metal, DC Comics has opted to open 2021 with a two-month-long series of new comic book publications featuring new characters wearing the masks and capes of the superheroes we’ve known and loved for decades. And if those characters aren’t new names, well, they’ve certainly been reimagined.

Now, this isn’t going to be forever. The Bruce Wayne as Batman we all know and love hasn’t been permanently replaced. Kal-El, the last son of Krypton, isn’t dead. And Diana as Wonder Woman hasn’t retired to a beachfront condo on Paradise Island.  

The “Future State” banner are ways to tell new stories with new characters, who aren’t encumbered by the weight of publication history, for both a new generation of comic book readers and old ones alike. Many of the characters, I think you’ll find, are fashioned after marginalized peoples. And that may make the blood boil for some of the rank and file readers who just want the same muscles and the same threats and the same fisticuffs week after week, month after month. But their heroes and those stories aren’t going anywhere. They’re still around.

These Future State titles are an alternative option, a chance to read something a little different. An opportunity to enjoy something outside of the tried and true. And to, maybe, create a new fan base of comic book readers.

You can catch a glimpse of all the various Future State publications released today here. They include Future State: Harley Quinn #1, Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1, Future State: The Flash #1 and Future State: The Next Batman #1.

Also released today, emanating from the darker corners of the DC Universe (both now and in the company’s publication history) is Future State: Swamp Thing #1.

Written by the award-winning Ram V. (Grafity’s Wall, Blue In Green, These Savage Shores) and lushly illustrated by Mike Perkins (Lois Lane, Green Lanterns), This Future State: Swamp Thing is post-apocalyptic fun. With a horror slant, of course. In the Future State timeline, Swamp Thing is ruler over the earth, a father to creations made in his image. Mankind is but a myth.

But myths have a way of revealing themselves as something real and something present. And a war against the Green God is brewing.

Whether you were a fan of the 1970’s muck monster version of Swamp Thing, the pre-Vertigo Comics 1980’s Avatar of the Green version, or the New-52 death-rot-defying version of the character, you’ll find a story both reminiscent of what you’ve previously encountered, while discovering something entirely new and fresh, thought-provoking and, of course, harrowing.

This is the place. The future is here, comic book readers. Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Future State: Swamp Things #1 today!

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