Heroes & Villains: A Year Without A Con

Hey reader…here we are at the end of February already. I guess it really IS the shortest month, huh? Truth be told, I was anxious to jump back into comic writing after my month-plus away from the keyboard but what I didn’t anticipate was that I’d be coming back to a bit of a lull in comics.

That’s just for me personally, of course. I’m still reading all the regular titles from my pull-list, but it’s just routine. I’ve been sent an actual book with WORDS to review, but it’ll be a spell before I’m ready to pass judgement on that. Like everyone else I’ve been watching and loving WandaVision and I know I’m not alone in rolling my eyes when I see it described as “Lynchian.” The only person capable of doing a David Lynch movie…is David Lynch.

Speaking of existential horror, I went to IKEA yesterday (my word processing program automatically put that in all caps so I’m just going to go with it) and I’m now the proud owner of a new coffee table and side table. My living room is starting to look less like the fever dream of the previous owner and more like…well, me. Currently, my walls are an offensive shade of green. I’m no color expert but if I had to venture a guess it’s probably in the “sea foam” category.

Last week I wrote a bit about my love of going to the movies and the reluctance I have surrounding the idea of going back to the movies. This week you can just replace “movies” with “comic cons.”

It’s been almost exactly a year since I was in Chicago covering C2E2 for BBP! I was pretty surprised and excited that I had been given legitimate press credentials allowing me full access to the convention. I was also rather enamoured with the fact that I had access to the press room which is way more exciting than it sounds. It did overlook the convention floor so I could quite literally look down upon the general public.

At the time I didn’t know that I was attending the LAST comic con before shit hit the fan. So heady was I on the newfound power of having press access I had begun to make plans to attend other conventions for free. Cursed by my own hubris I issued the rare personal tweet that I was going to try for New York Toy Fair. Life, as they say, comes at you fast.

Am I right?

We were all collectively on a see-saw of disbelief regarding the virus at that point. I saw a handful of people wearing face coverings like mask hipsters (“Yeah, I started wearing a face coving in February 2020…”). Hand sanitizer was fairly prevalent but that’s standard operating procedure for a comic con. I’m sure many a comic creator or CW actor has had to endure a sweaty handshake or two that made them question how quickly they could reach for the Purell without being considered rude.

There was one attendee I saw wearing a beanie that had been converted into an impromptu cosplay of the structure of the coronavirus. It paired well with his Rick & Morty shirt. I had thought to myself, “ok, we’re still at the stage of things we’re everything is still a joke…” Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I’m driving out to the sticks to look for toilet paper because I neglected to go grocery shopping before the convention.

C2E2 was a great time and a friend of mine had been talking it up to me for years prior to me going. The last time I wrote about it I was already looking forward to C2E2 2021…which should be happening right now but got pushed to December. I’ve already told Mac to go ahead and apply for press passes without me because 1)I don’t know how things are going to be in 10 months B) Chicago in December is whack 3) I don’t know if I’ll be ready then.

Previously, I had written at length about the “Con Crud” which is an offshoot of the flu that seems to exist at any convention regardless of location or climate. I managed to avoid it through liberal use of vitamin cocktails, hand washing, and staying hydrated but my friend that attended C2E2 2020 with me wasn’t so lucky. The train ride home was a tense one because he gradually got sicker and sicker the closer we got to Detroit. I had promised to shoot him if he became a Resident Evil style zombie…not that I told him out loud, but we have an understanding.

I would really like to get back to going places and doing things again. 2020 was SUPPOSED to be a year where I traveled a lot but I ended up not leaving a one mile radius of where I lived for most of the year. A friend of mine is, among many things, a touring musician and their band announced some shows for the third quarter of this year. Just to try it on for size, I had texted them that maybe I’d fly out for a show of their’s late in the year and we were both kind of ambivalent as to where we’d actually be in ten months’ time.

So far the Magic 8-Ball for 2021 is only coming up with “Reply Hazy. Try Again Later.” I’m more uncertain about the future than I’ve ever been and it’s fucking exhausting.

OH MAGIC 8 BALL – Real Talk 4 Everyone

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