Exclusive Preview: The Eighth Immortal #4

Alright comic book fans, we’ve got a treat for you. Check out an exclusive preview of The Eighth Immortal #4, courtesy of our friends at Source Point Press.

Curipan has spent her immortality protecting humanity from the threat of an ancient prophecy. But time and a secret trauma have worn her down, forcing her to choose between her duty and her sanity. The Eighth Immortal is a scandalous fantasy that asks the question, should anything last forever?

The Eighth Immortal #4
Writer: Jacob Murray
Artist: Alice Li Barnes
Colours: Tiffany Turrill

Showdown between Curipan and General McLeod! The might of ancient spirits, and the tyranny of prophecy. The mystery of Daniel is revealed, and when Curipan decides to gain something new, something old will be lost.

The Eighth Immortal #4 arrives in stores Wednesday, April 28th

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