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Remembering our Glenn Walker

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m writing to let everyone know that Biff Bam Pop!’s Glenn Walker passed away on Wednesday, December 6th. Though seemingly indestructible in my eyes, the truth is that Glenn had suffered from various health issues over the years and finally, and so sadly, his time had come.

Though he wasn’t a founding member of the Biff Bam Pop! team, this site eventually became one of his many online homes, probably his favourite. Glenn often told me that Biff Bam Pop! was the best job he ever had, paid or unpaid. I always referred to Glenn as second-in-command, but the truth is simply that he kept this place going for years, as I was caught up in family life, new jobs, and writing books – outside endeavours that he encouraged and supported fully. He brought to Biff Bam Pop! his unmatched knowledge of pop culture, including Silver Age Comics and Eurovision, neither of which I understood, but which he could pontificate about with ease.

Glenn loved the world he wrote about, and he talked about those loves across a variety of platforms – our Biff Bam Popcasts, the Nerdfect Strangers podcast, the GAR podcast with his friend Ray, and the wonderful Make Mine Magic podcast, which he hosted with his beloved wife, Jennifer. Our Biff Bam Popcast’s were incredibly fun, as he and I, along with Marie Gilbert, JP Fallavollita and others, would debate and discuss pop culture happenings. Nobody ever agreed with me, to the best of my recollection. Especially Glenn.

Prior to moving down south to Florida, Glenn was an essential part of the South Jersey Writer’s Group, where he inspired and organized, and met some wonderful writers along the way, including James Knipp, Sarah Miduski and Loraine Swearingen Sisco, who he would invite into the Biff Bam Pop! fold as well. His longtime friend Robin Renee was also part of our team, and he spoke of her often and fondly.

But take all this away, and at the end of the day, Glenn Walker was my friend. One of my best friends.

Glenn and I met online through a shared Facebook connection in Jonathan Maberry. I remember our first online conversation, which took place over Facebook Messenger in March 2009, as we discussed the website. Eventually, I asked Glenn to contribute an article, then another, and then he became part of the team, and my life. Our friendship transcended location or age (he was much, much older than me), and was about mutual respect and eventually a brotherly love for one another. We’d chat nearly everyday on Messenger, about life, the universe and everything. When we finally met face to face in the spring of 2015, when he picked me up at the airport as I ventured to Jersey to see my friend, I said, “Nice to meet you.” We both laughed. We already knew each other better than most.

Glenn, Jenn, Princess and me

This year, on January 2nd, I turned 40. I threw a birthday party for myself and, to my honour and amazement, Jenn and Glenn traveled from Florida to Toronto to be there for it. We managed to spend some meals together, and have some great times. The plan was for me and Biff Bam Pop’s Princess to travel down to see Jenn and Glenn and take in Disney. While I’m sorry it didn’t work out, and that time was against this plan, I’ll make a point of the Princess, Jenn and I going together. I think Glenn would absolutely want that.

The truth is, as I sit here writing this, I’m in complete denial that Glenn Walker is gone. I keep waiting for a text from Jenn saying differently. We should be so lucky. But through what is a new sort of grief for me, the loss of a friend, I also think about what Glenn would tell me to do, to handle it and process it.

He’d tell me to write. And then keep writing. Because that’s what Glenn Walker would do.

And so I’ll keep writing, though with an emptiness in my heart knowing that my friend isn’t here to read my words any longer.

I love you, buddy. See you on the other side.



Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – Twin Peaks: The Limited Event Series, The Final Dossier, Wrapped in Plastic + Funko Toys

For fans of Twin Peaks, 2017 has been an incredible, defining year. First, the long-talked about third season made its way to Showtime as an 18-part film, written by series co-creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, with every hour directed by Lynch himself. Familiar faces mingled with new ones, though nobody would disagree that the new series was a tour de force delivered by Kyle MacLachlan, who not only returned as Special Agent Dale Cooper, along with two brand new characters. The series picked up 25 years after Cooper became trapped in the Black Lodge with his doppelgänger roaming free. While the ratings weren’t outstanding, the quality of the series was incredible, and its making many a Best of 2017 lists.


This week sees the release of Twin Peaks: The Limited Event Series on Blu-ray and DVD, featuring hours of incredible behind the scenes footage that take you up close and personal into David Lynch’s creative process. The Blu-ray is the version to pick up, as it contains a bonus disc of footage that absolutely is a must-experience for fans. The packaging is a gorgeous slipcase that features Cooper’s various guises. For anyone looking to delve deeper into the world of Twin Peaks, this is 100% a must have. Read the rest of this entry

Faves of 2017: Walter Schreifels, Dead Heavens

Dead Heavens is the psych-rock project of guitarist and frontman Walter Schreifels (Vanishing Life, Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools, Quicksand, and more), Paul Kostabi (Youth Gone Mad, White Zombie, Psychotica), Drew Thomas (Youth of Today, Bold, Into Another), and Nathan Aguilar (Cults). Their debut album Whatever Witch You Are was released June 16 from Dine Alone Records.

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