Jingle Your Way To “DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1” On The Wednesday Run

Outside, the snow is falling and friends are calling “yoo-hoo!”

Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!

Well, we’re inching closer to the end-of-year holiday season. Maybe you’ve noticed that your local mall is decked to the gills in tinsel? Perhaps you’ve guiltily watched one or two bad made-for-TV holiday movies on some run-of-the-mill specialty channel (so that’s what Winnie Cooper is up to these days! Also, she was great!)? Maybe you’ve been busily writing, then scratching, then re-writing various dinner engagements with friends and family in your December calendar?

Well, DC Comics and their stable of writers and artists have been busy getting various superheroes and villains in the spirit of the season, working tirelessly on a holiday-themed production of their own.

Today sees its very timely release!

Get set to jingle all the way to the DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1!


DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1

Written By: Various

Illustrated By: Various

Published By: DC Comics


Sometimes, the comic book companies release holiday celebration compendiums that are merely working products for new and upcoming talent, repurposed reprints or, occasionally, quick throwaway stories not worth your time or money.

That’s not the case today. Not remotely!

DC Comics got their best talent out to play with their host of fictional characters in the holiday snow this year!

In the DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1, we’ve got holiday-themed stories featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Teen Titans. They’re joined by Sgt. Rock, who fights the Nazis on Hanukkah (that one is sure to light a few candles!). Even Swamp Thing makes a yule-tide appearance!

As mentioned, the best of the best writers and artists are on-board this festive project including Christopher Priest, Jeff Lemire, Tom King, Greg Rucka, Steve Epting, Rafael Albuquerque, Bilquis Evely and whole lot more!

As an extra bonus, legendary writer Denny O’Neil returns to comics with a brand new Batman-centric story! It’s the Dark Knight that Christmas deserves!

Giddy-yup, giddy-yup, giddy-yup, let’s go

Let’s look at the show!

Make the sleigh ride to your local comic book shop today…and get festive with the superheroes, muck monster, G.I. soldiers and Christmastime ghosts. Pick up the highly festive and altogether awesome DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1 today!

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