Casinos Look To Comic Books For Inspiration

Comic books have been the inspiration for many things over the years. They have been developed into blockbuster movies, video games and merchandise over the years thanks to their popularity with a huge number of people and it’s no surprise that slot developers have also used them as a source of inspiration when it comes to theming their games. These sort of slot games aren’t just sought after by comic book fans either, they’re appealing to the wider market due to them offering more than the more traditional and generic sorts.

Slot developers these days are always on the lookout for ways to attract new players as well as being able to keep people playing for longer. With slot games generally being based on luck, it’s important to keep players interested and to make the games more immersive. By theming slots it makes them instantly more appealing and by using comic books for inspiration it adds sort of an adventure and superhero element to the games.

Justice-League-2So far we’ve seen the likes of Justice League, The Flash, Superman and Batman turned into slot games. In fact, you’d be hard pushed not to find a Marvel or DC character based slot game in every online casino around today. Marvel heroes have statistically proven themselves to be very successful in the slot world with many people loving playing alongside their favourite character in an attempt at winning big. Comic book based slots look great too as developers really take the time to produce eye catching visuals as well as authentic audio throughout.


Another reason why comic book based slots are great for casinos is the fact that they appeal to people of all ages. Generation after generation will have enjoyed an adventure with a comic book character in some way, be it in actual comic book form or a movie or video game. This means that when people log on to an online casino and look through the available games they’re most likely to opt to play a game with characters that they recognise than they are to play just a normal slot game.

Players are given game play that is a lot more extensive and immersive, that is packed full of adventure and a story alongside the chance of winning money. You can see why it’s appealing, to all parties. Top slot game developers such as Playtech and CryptoLogic are really going all out when it comes to producing attention grabbing comic book based slot games for online operators such as Party Casino; with both the casino and the player themselves benefiting. The player is enjoying a much better gaming experience, that is packed with more fun and thrills than ever before and they’re therefore playing for longer.

With comic book characters and stories continuing to be huge successes in other areas, we’re sure to see more hit online casinos in the future. The likes of Iron Man, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Batman will all continue to evolve as time progresses and there have already been different versions of slots so there is definitely more to come from both the Marvel and DC characters.

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