Drop A Pretty Penny For The Very Pretty “Absolute Batman: Year One” On The Wednesday Run

absolute-batman-year-oneIt’s November.

So, if you’re like me, you might be thinking about what to get yourself this coming holiday season. Heck, why not treat yourself to something on the upcoming Black Friday? You’ve been good this year.

Or, maybe, you just don’t need any justification to “look after number one”. Any old day will do.

If that’s the case, “any old day” is today.

And the treat?

The treat is as classic as classic comes in the history of the comic book medium.

The treat today is the classic, the gorgeous, the absolutely necessary in any collection, Absolute Batman: Year One!


Absolute Batman: Year One

Written by: Frank Miller

Illustrated by: David Mazzucchelli

Published by: DC Comics


Look, I know what you might be thinking. You’re probably in one of two camps:

Those that have never read Batman: Year One.

And those that read it in the four, single-issue monthly form, way back in 1986 within the pages of the Batman comic book proper, and then read it again and again in various collected hardcovers and softcovers since that time.

There’s no two ways about it, however. The story of Batman: Year One, written by Frank Miller and impeccably illustrated by David Mazzucchelli, is one of the greatest – if not the greatest – Batman story ever written and illustrated. High, high praise, I know. But that’s where it stands: high atop the sequential storytelling pedestal.

And although you might already have the story in various published versions, the Absolute Edition is the version befitting such a lauded tale. And God knows, if you have yet to read it, this is the version to experience that tale in.

Absolute Batman: Year One is actually an over-sized publication of two different books of the same story. The first volume reprints the recolored version of the story from those previous collections you might own, remastered with new high-resolution scans.

The second volume reprints the original version of the story as it ran in Batman #404-407 in 1986-1987, with scans from the original pages on stock that mimics the look and feel of those monthly comics.

Visually, it’s truly the best of both worlds: 21st century engineering and traditional, mid-eighties publishing.

Best of all, the second volume also comes with Frank Miller’s complete scripts for David Mazzucchelli’s complete pencil layouts for all four chapters. Miller and Mazzucchelli are a master’s master, so if you love writing, art, and the process behind the publication of a comic book, you’ll absolutely love this addition!

Make the run to your local comic book store or book store and pick up the Absolute Batman: Year One…it might be a bit pricey at $125, but you’re worth every penny! And so is this publication!

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