31 Days of Horror 2015: October’s #1 Hit Shows: American Horror Story and The Walking Dead


For many people, October means fall weather, Halloween costumes and pumpkin patches. Yeah, that stuff is fun, but for me, the month of October is the return of two of my favorite shows. What will we be seeing on “American Horror Story: Hotel,” and what is happening with our favorite lawman, Rick Grimes, on “The Walking Dead“? Sing a few lines of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and follow me.

American Horror Story: Hotel

I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from my visit to the “Freak Show.” I keep checking under my bed to make sure that Twisty the clown isn’t hiding there. The fourth season of “AMH” had Twitter and Facebook ablaze over the crazy stuff happening in the show and, who could ever forget the crazy rich Mott family who took to hiding the results of little Dandy’s homicidal rages on their estate.

This fifth season continues with thirteen glorious and shocking episodes. Make sure to check into American Horror Story: Hotel, which will star Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Chole Sevigny, Denis O’Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, Evan Peters and Finn Wittrock. Although the lovely and talented Jessica Lange after four outstanding seasons is no longer part of the cast, one can only hope that she’ll make a cameo appearance.


Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk the creator of the show had revealed that every season of AHS is connected like threads added to a tapestry or brushstrokes to a masterpiece. This season’s “Hotel” has a connection to the very first season, “Murder House.” Christine Estabrook, who plays the realtor Marcy, makes another appearance as the real estate agent for the Hotel Cortez.


Just as in past seasons of “American Horror Story,” there is always a battle being waged between good and evil. We will not be disappointed with season five as we find ourselves checking into the old but distinguished Hotel Cortez, which is located in sunny Los Angeles. The Cortez is host to strange and bizarre events that catch the attention of homicide detective, John Lowe (Wes Bentley). The creators of the show have promised us a darker season, which is just fine with me. Hotel should be fun to watch especially with Lady Gaga playing the part of the Countess with Kathy Bates as Iris, the manager of the Cortez.  “American Horror Story: Hotel” will premiere on Wednesday, October 7, on FX at 10 PM I’ll be booking a room there to give you the weekly recaps.

The Walking Dead

Season six of “The Walking Dead” picks up where we left off last year on season five. When Rick as his group entered Alexandria, things changed for both the townsfolk and Team Rick. The horror of the outside world invaded the quiet fantasy world that Deanna has provided for her people. You can check out the entire season here.


What is home and, can our ragtag group of survivors teach the people of Alexandria what it will take to protect their home? It’s not going to be easy. The people of Alexandria have seen Rick at his worse and this might be because Rick is still in the mindset of Us Vs. Them. But, if Alexandria is to survive what’s coming down the road this season, Rick will have to include everyone in that town under the banner of Us.

The show is and has always been about Rick Grimes. Darryl, Carol, Michonne and the others have always followed their leader even when they disagreed with his reasoning. Rick commands loyalty because his people know that he has their back; he always will. This year, Morgan has made his way to Alexandria just in time to see Rick kill Pete. I’m wondering how Lennie James’ Morgan is going to handle living in a community after being alone for so very long.


We’ve been witness to the faults of our hero, Rick, over the last five seasons, but he’s always come through for us. He has evolved. He and his team are the ‘walking dead’ and that is why I’m excited about the new season. Season six will be premier on Sunday night, October 11, on AMC at 9 PM This walker will be there. Will you?

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  1. AHS started off briliantly last season, but lost it’s edge halfway through. I’m determined not to be suckered in this time by a great beginning. I’m going to wait until they’re at that halfway point, read some reviews, (like, here:D ) and then decide.

    1. With Lady Gaga on board, you know it’s not going to be run-of-the mill. I’ll keep you updated with my recaps so you’ll know when to jump back in again.

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