Orphan Black S02 E05: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est


Don’t let the title throw you off. It speaks volumes. How much of our body belongs to us? Can someone lay claim to our cells without our consent? Don’t think so, then you should read Rebecca Skloot’s book “The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks.” Henrietta’s cells were not only taken without her knowledge or consent, but used for cloning and gene mapping worth millions of dollars. Knowledge itself is power. Helena is aware that Henrik took something from her. Will this knowledge help our clones in their quest to find the truth? Check your HeLa cells at the door before entering.


Knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially if we misuse it. We are learning more and more about Proclone Rachael, or as I lovingly like to call her, Corporate Barbie Rachael. What a B*TCH! After learning that Daniel is dead thanks to our favorite mad hatter clone, Rachael declares all-out war on Sarah. It was interesting to learn that Daniel was Rachael’s monitor. Why would Rachael need a monitor and who controls Rachael?


The first attack is on Cosima. Rachael orders Leekie to stop the stem cell tests that Cosima needs to fight her illness. What I never expected was for Leekie to go behind Rachael’s back and help Cosima. Even though the study has been canceled, Leekie will allow Cosima to continue her work. We learn a secret from Leekie. The original genome and all the research papers were lost in that fire. You remember that story, right? Rachael’s parents were killed in that fire along with the other scientists, but, with “Orphan Black,” nothing is ever what it seems.

The next attack is on poor Felix. He’s babysitting Helena. Sarah tells Helena to play nice with Felix and not to kill him. When Helena uses Felix’s shower, he tells the mad hatter clone, “Don’t kill my rubber duckies.” I love Felix! He has the best one-liners, ever.


After dropping off Helena to Art’s apartment, Felix goes home to a little afternoon delight with one of his sugar daddies, but Paul shows up and plants incriminating DNA evidence on Felix. He’s blamed for Daniel’s murder and arrested.

The last attack is on Cal, Kira’s dad. The police arrive at his RV looking for answers and identification. Kira saves the day by acting cute as a button and the police leave. Why did Cal give the officer a fake ID? What secrets is Cal hiding from Sarah and is he who she thinks he is?


This poor girl is at the mercy of her religious ‘looney tunes’ parents. Hendrik and wife have stitched Gracie’s lips closed and locked her up in a dungeon. They want answers to how Helena escaped. Maybe if the idiots removed the stitches, the kid could reply.

Hendrik’s right hand man, Mark (Ari Millen) comes in with a glass of milk and comforting words, but I don’t trust him, and poor Gracie better be careful because she might be forced to carry Helena’s fertilized egg.


Helena knows more secrets than the C.I.A but she’s been so brutally traumatized her whole life, we only get bits and pieces of the truth from our little mad hatter. Her knowledge is power. She shows Sarah a photo of a man. Who is this Swan Man, what is his connection to Project LEDA, and how will that help get Felix out of jail?

Art tries to get Helena to tell him what Hendrik did to her and about her connection with Maggie Chen. Nothing! But, the mention of a grilled cheese sandwich gets Helena talking. We learn more about the horrible people who cared for the mad hatter when she was a child. Helena later escapes from Art and heads to her storage area for some supplies. She’s on a mission.


Knowledge itself is power! While Rachael seduces Paul, Sarah frees Art and they go searching for Helena. Inside the storage area is the worldly possessions of our little mad hatter, but the motorcycle is missing and so is a weapon. Sarah is starting to understand the sad and lonely life her twin was forced to live. Art and Sarah find Helena pointing a sniper’s rifle at the building across the street. Helena wants to kill Rachael.


Sarah needs Rachael alive in order to save Felix, but she needs to find the man in Helena’s photo. Ethan Duncan is alive. He did not die in the fire. Can Sarah use Rachael’s father as ransom for the release of Felix? Sarah later meets with Leekie and tells him about the photo, but Paul is watching. Sarah and Helena have been separated since birth, but they are together now. Sarah was raised by Mrs. S, and Helena was raised by …monsters.


Are we the product of nature or nurture? The answer lies within Helena and maybe, just maybe with Sarah’s love, our clones will prevail over the Dyad Corporation. Love is powerful, but is it more powerful than knowledge. See you all next week at the clone club, and please claim your HeLa cells at the door.





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