Orphan Black S02 E04: Governed As It Were By Chance


Holy Clone Zone! While Cosima literally dug for clues via autopsy on Jennifer, the dead teacher clone, Helena was forced into a shotgun wedding with a man that’s crazier than her. Felix met Kira’s dad, but then Sarah was kidnapped by Daniel. Will Alison make it to the Tony Awards after falling off the stage? Will Sarah escape from Daniel’s clutches? Find out after you check your ribonucleic acid at the door.

Best Laid Plans

Thank goodness Kira’s father is a quick thinker. Cal (Michael Huisman) saves Sarah, but kills Daniel (Matthew Bennett) in the process. Or did he? Oh well. No one said it would be easy being a clone’s friend. Cal has no idea what Sarah is or what kind of trouble she’s in, but he has a camper and it’s time for a road trip. While Sarah contacts Cosima to learn what they can about Project LEDA, Cal is listening to the police scans. The police are looking for him and Sarah.


Sarah and Cosima try to figure out who’s behind this mysterious Project LEDA, and of course it’s the military. It’s always the military! Sarah is more determined than ever to find out who Mrs. S is and what she knows about Rachael. I love Cosima’s lap top cover. Don’t you?

Poor Alison has learned the hard way that Broadway ain’t all lights and red carpets. She not only has a broken arm, but she’s in rehab. Alison can’t take a pee without a sponsor watching her every move. Have to keep our little clone off the pills and alcohol. Thank goodness Felix is there to give her some one on one emotional support. Felix is the best friend a girl could ever have. I need a Felix!

Helena has been drugged, married and who knows what else that crazy Henrik has done to her. Gracie can’t even bring herself to call Helena anything but an “it” and later tries to smother Helena while she’s sleeping. Stupid Gracie, you’ve picked the wrong clone to mess with. Helena, dressed in her wedding dress, escapes the compound. She remembers something that was done to her by Henrik. I’m surprised that Detective Bell didn’t put more effort into protecting Helena from Henrik’s men.


Project LEDA

Felix, who is upset that Kira is with Cal, meets Sarah at Mrs. S’s house to search for clues. They learn a secret about Rachael. It seems Rachael was raised by scientists. The Duncans later died in a lab explosion. Sarah and Felix plan to break into Rachael’s apartment, but unknown to them, someone was there listening. While Sarah heads over to Rachael’s apartment, the every mysterious Mrs. S meets with Carlton. He’s been in prison for a long time; smuggling humans, and we learn that he was the one who brought Sarah to Mrs. S. While Cosima believes that Rachael was raised to be self award and without emotional attachments, Sarah watches a video that counters that theory. Rachael may not be the cold fish that she plays so convincingly.


Nothing is clear and every time our little clones figure out a clue, another monkey wrench is thrown into the works to confuse them and us. What does Carlton know about the LEDA Project? Is Mrs. S working for Dr. Leekie or the military? While Sarah is searching for clues in Rachael Duncan’s apartment, she is surprised by a badly bruised Daniel. He’s not dead? Daniel is alive, but he’s not a happy camper. After he chains Sarah to the shower, he does some one on one investigation via sharp tools.


Usually Helena is the last person you want to see when you’re chained to the shower, but this time our little bride of Frankenstein, still wearing the wedding dress, comes to Sarah’s rescue. I think we can safely assume that Daniel is deader than a doorknob. Helena has some disturbing news for her sister Sarah. It seems that Henrik took something from her. Henrik has Helena’s fertilized egg. Everybody wants to grow their own clone.

Beth had Paul as her monitor and that discovery probably sent her jumping in front of the train. Helena had Tomas as a monitor until his unscheduled death and Cosima has Delphine, but they’re in love. Alison, after a slight mistake, knows for sure that Donnie is her monitor, but who is Sarah’s monitor? It may not be Mrs. S. What if Sarah’s monitor was much closer to her; knows all her secrets because he grew up with her. Felix is a struggling artist and has a string of sugar daddies to help pay the rent. But what else do we know about Felix. When did Mrs. S acquire Felix as a foster child?


Did I spark some serious questions? Good! See you next week my little clone club, and make sure to collect your RNA at the door.

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