Orphan Black S02 E03: Mingling Its Own Nature With It


Sarah, Felix and Kira are on the run, Mrs. S was betrayed, Helena is stuck with the Proletheans, Alison killed the wrong monitor, and Cosima has to find a cure or die. Last week’s episode left us with a few comical situations and lots of unanswered questions. Is Sarah the only clone able to breed? Can Helena get pregnant? Rachael may be the pro-clone, by who holds the strings to her genome? Grab your lymphocytes and meet me after the jump.


Sarah, Kira and Felix are on a trek through the woods, but they’re hungry and they can’t use their credit card; too many bad people hunting them down. What’s in your pocket? When you don’t have money, you shoplift from a local convenience store. Not a smart move, and now the cops are looking for our clone. Sarah remembers a cabin in the woods and she breaks in.


Unknown to Felix, Sarah knows the bear that lives in this cabin. Cal Morrison (Michael Huisman) is Sarah’s old flame and holy baby announcements; Kira’s father. Cal’s not too happy to learn that he’s a daddy and that Sarah is back. Felix is even less happy. Heads up, Michael Huisman is also Daario Naharis, the stud muffin from “Game of Thrones.”

Felix is still recovering from the realization that besides making a great cup of tea, Mrs. S is some sort of ninja. With Cal and Sarah getting cozy, Felix feels betrayed and unneeded and he leaves. Don’t go Felix! Sarah needs you. We need you. Even though Cal does a great job keeping off the radar, Daniel Rosner (Matthew Bennett) finds the cabin and Kira.

Facing Death

Delphine tells Cosima about another clone. Jennifer was a teacher who suffered with the same polyps in her lungs that Cosima has now. Cosima watches the tapes that Jennifer made to document her illness. Is it better to look death in the face and know how it will end for you?


Cosima is a scientist and her reaction is to learn all she can about Jennifer. Delphine and Cosima do the autopsy on Jennifer. It has to be a strange feeling to cut into and dissect your exact copy and yet Cosima stays focus and finds a clue to the clones’ infertility.

Stage Jitters

Poor Alison, how is she going to do the show when she’s falling apart? Is it karma that Alison is in a musical called Blood Ties? Detective Angie (Inga Cadranel) pretends to be a new neighbor and tries to befriend Alison, but our little clone has been stung one too many times. Knowing that Donnie is her monitor and that Angie is a cop, Alison has one too many sips before the show.

Wedding Jitters

Pastor Henrik (Peter Outerbridge) is one freaking scary man. The sword this fanatic uses cuts both ways; science and religion. He has plans for Helena even though his daughter Gracie protests. After giving Gracie the old “You can do whatever you want as long as you do it in God’s name” song and dance routine, Henrik forces Helena into a shotgun wedding while Gracie and the cult watches.


The rascally Pastor quickly whisks Helena away. Is he the one who will impregnate her? This is so wrong and on so many levels, but luckily Detective Bell is spying of the group.


Things are not going well with our clones. No one is happy and I don’t blame Felix for being angry with Sarah. He has stood by Sarah through thick and thin. Why didn’t she tell him the truth about Kira and Cal? Daniel wasn’t able to get Kira, but he did kidnap Sarah, after killing an officer of the law and Cal’s friend. You know, Cal could have shot Daniel. He had a rifle, but he didn’t try hard enough. I found that strange. Didn’t you? And who crashed into Daniel’s car?


Cosima, ever the scientist, kept her cool as she carved into her double. She may have learned some information from the autopsy, but will it be enough to save her? The polyps started in Jennifer’s uterus and spread to the lungs. Is this the clue to the infertility? So far, only Cosima is showing the symptoms of the auto immune disease, but how long before it shows up in the others.


Alison is my favorite clone because even though she acts like your typical suburbia housewife, she is kick ass bad and you don’t want to mess with her. But, she’s been betrayed by her husband and that betrayal has taken its toll. Opening night was a flop. Without the other clones around to support her, Alison has brought the curtain down on the show. See you next week, my little clone club, and keep your DNA locked up.

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