May The Fourth Be With You And The Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary

Happy May the Fourth! There really isn’t any better day to celebrate the world of Star Wars, is there? 2014 is especially exciting, as we begin the countdown to Star Wars Episode VII. I anticipate the next year and a half is going to go by fairly quickly, with teases and trailers and hidden paparazzi shots giving us glimpses of what’s happening on set over in England. In the meantime, I’ll be counting the days by building and then staring longingly at my Lego Star Wars sets. Of course, when I say my, I really my Princesses. It’s all hers.

Ah, who am I kidding?

I’m like the dad in The Lego Movie. Sure, I let my kid play with the mini-figures (she can’t break those), but things like the Escape Pod, the Desert skiff and Jabba’s Palace are all out of arm’s reach. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to play with that stuff together someday. We’re just waiting until she’s a little older.

You know, thirteen or fourteen.

The thing is, we still have a great time with Lego Star Wars, but its usually through the various DK books in our collection. My daughter loves The Yoda Chronicles, which highlights the world from the perspective of arguably the greatest Jedi of all time. And then there’s the brand new Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded, recently released and featuring new things like the Microfighters (which are both micro and very cool). As we started flipping through the book, the first page I looked up was the Jawa’s Sandcrawler, which makes its way back into stores shortly. I’m relatively new to the Lego Star Wars world, so I was blown away to see that I…I mean, she…I mean we, will soon be able to get our hands on this puppy. Truth be told, Jawas and Tatooine are both big with my kid (she loves Jabba’s Palace and she’s asked for his Sail Barge too!), so at some point she’ll be thrilled to have a Sandcrawler to admire from a suitable distance.

SandcrawlerFlipping through Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded genuinely takes me back to my childhood, and the books I’d love that would be full of double page spreads of vehicles and locations (check out the Millennium Falcon and Death Star pages in here – super cool). And while my “need its” far outweigh the “got its” (much of it will be “never haves”, this May the Fourth, my little Princess and I are going to enjoy reading and dreaming of a LEGO galaxy, far, far away.

May the force be with you.

Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary Updated and Expanded is available now from DK. 

Death Star

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