Resurrection S01 E04: Us Against the World


The dead are not staying dead and ABC’s “Resurrection” has upped the suspense. It’s about time. Last week’s episode had Ray talking about a spaceship crashing into the river. So, I’m guessing the dearly returning dead have more to do with science than religion, which leaves us with two questions; clone or alien, and how the hell is Pastor Tom going to explain Rachael to the wife? I can’t wait to find out after the jump.


I’m thinking that Caleb (Sam Hazeldine) is talking about something altogether different with daughter, Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) when he says, “It’s us against the world,” and especially if he’s not from Earth. There’s a storm brewing and good ole dad is doing repairs around the house. Is he using the murder weapon to hammer down those nails? Is Elaine that clueless about her dad’s hobby for robbing armored trucks even after finding him using her computer at work?

Luckily for the town and the storyline, Sheriff Fred (Matt Craven) finally listens to Bellamy’s theory of who robbed that armored truck all those years ago. While Bellamy (Omar Epps) tells the sheriff how he found Caleb’s land dug up, found the rubber mask, and witnessed Caleb washing a hammer that might have been used to kill Dale, Caleb is robbing another armored truck, and this time; a guard is critically injured. The Sheriff and Agent Bellamy form an uncomfortable but necessary team. They have become an ‘us’ in their search for answers.



Elaine refuses to rat on dear old dad; it’s them against the world, but her brother Ray, who I think is smarter than Elaine, is helping the Sheriff and Bellamy. I like Ray (Travis Young) and I hope he’s given more of a part in this series. Ray may be labeled as slow by the townsfolk, but this kid knows there is something wrong with Caleb, something unnatural and he’s unwilling to be a player on Caleb and Elaine’s team.

Lucille (Frances Fisher) also subscribes to the ‘us against the world’ thinking by ignoring the facts about Jacob (Landon Gimenez). Yes, she’s a grieving mother who is reunited with a child tragically snatched from her 30 odd years ago, but she knows the truth and sees the evidence hidden under Jacob’s mattress. Why are the ‘dearly returned’ binge eating and why can’t they sleep? Are they preparing for a metamorphic event that closely imitates the life cycle of certain insects? Makes you wonder. Henry (Kurtwood Smith) chases after some rascally teenagers who try to frighten Jacob. He does care about the boy even if he does fear him.


Rachel is back from the dead and hoping for a reunion of team ‘us’ with Pastor Tom. I don’t think his wife, Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) will approve. We are left in the dark as to why Rachael (Kathleen Munroe) killed herself in the first place, but when she disappears from the church basement, Tom searches the town for her and finds her at their secret spot. Will Pastor Tom practice what he preaches or will he break one of the commandments? Only heaven knows.


Everyone is picking a team, an ‘us’ against ‘them’. The Sheriff wants to solve a murder and Bellamy wants to solve the mystery surrounding the returned, but for now, they are a team. Pastor Tom is caught between Team Rachael and Team Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) and I see his morals slipping fast. Lucille is willing to accept Jacob no matter what team he’s part of; human or otherwise, but Henry can’t or won’t.


I love Veronica Cartwright’s portrayal of Helen, the pain in the bell tower, nosey, church councilwoman. Don’t get in Helen’s way or she’ll smack you down with her bible. Veronica Cartwright is an old favorite of mine from television and movies and it’s good to see her on “Resurrection.”


Speaking of us against the world, why did Caleb surrender so easily to the sheriff and what did he mean that “It’s just the beginning?” What team is Caleb on, and what are his team’s intentions for the good people of Arcadia? Jacob knows.


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