The Walking Dead S04 E15: Us


What can I possibly say to explain last week’s heartbreaking episode? I’ve always felt that humanity’s biggest threat for surviving life is humanity itself; we are our own worst enemy. With Carol, Tyreese and Judith heading for Terminus, we can turn our attention back to my favorite apocalyptic stud muffin. Is Daryl playing nice with his new road buddies? Find out after the jump.

Road Warriors

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Rick, Carl and Michonne. I’ve missed them. Our little road warriors are doing fine and making their way to Terminus. Carl and Michonne are really bonding. Is she becoming a mother figure to him? I think so and I like the way Carl and Michonne playfully tease each other. There is true affection between the boy and the Ninja. Rick also looks like he’s enjoying his time with Michonne. Michonne is happy and smiling. Let’s hope the good times last a bit longer for them, this time.


While Glenn, Sgt. Abraham, Eugene, Rosita and Tara are moseying on down the road, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is wondering if the zombie virus killed the dinosaurs; zombie dinosaurs? I like this extinction theory better than the one with the comet. Eugene is strange, nerdy and way too bossy. Does he really know how to stop the virus? Sgt. Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) is convinced that Eugene cans save the world and he’s ready to risk everything to get Eugene to the Washington. I don’t know why. Nothing ever gets done in Washington. Rosita, on the other hand, thinks Eugene is an obnoxious pain in the butt. Eugene seems to have this love/hate relationship with Rosita, and I swear they act just like siblings.


I loved the way Abraham and Eugene come to terms with Tara being a player for the other team. Eugene likes Tara, but Tara (Alanna Masterson) likes Rosita (Christian Serratos). Rosita thinks that Glenn is using Tara because of her guilt over what happened to Hershel. Is he? When the group reaches a dark tunnel, Sgt. Abraham wisely decides to go around the tunnel, especially after hearing the moans echoing from inside, but Glenn decides to enter with a limping Tara close behind. I wasn’t expecting Glenn to make such a bad choice. I know he’s in a rush to find Maggie, but…

Daryl ep 15

Joe and Daryl

Daryl is stuck with the biker group from hell and the same men that Rick encountered earlier in the season. They are not the type of people you want to hang with under any condition, but their leader, Joe (Jeff Kober), does have a set of principles and rules that his team must follow. Unfortunately for Daryl, Len (Marcus Hester) likes to claim everything. Len and Daryl fight over a scrawny looking rabbit; hunger makes for some bitter enemies, but Joe likes Daryl and sides with our stud muffin against Len. I was puzzled as to why Daryl didn’t sneak away when he had the chance. Why did he stay with those men and not go looking for Beth? He has to know that she didn’t leave on her own. When Daryl and the bikers come across the sign for Terminus, Joe tells Daryl that they wouldn’t fit in at Terminus. I guess not.



Everybody in this episode was on a mission: Sgt. Abraham needs to get Eugene to Washington; Eugene needs to save the world; Tara needs forgiveness; Glenn needs Maggie, and poor Daryl needs to get away from the bikers.

I really expected Glenn and Tara to bite the bullet in that tunnel, but Maggie’s team and Sgt. Abraham’s team came to the rescue. We’re not shown how Maggie, Sasha and Bob meet up with Sgt. Abraham, but who cares; Glenn was saved and our love birds are finally reunited. In the end, Glenn wasn’t using Tara. He stayed with Tara after her foot got caught in the rocks. Glenn is a good guy even when the chips are down.


The season is coming to an end and everyone is trying to make their way to Terminus. I was surprised to learn that Terminus was a real town, and just like Rome, all tracks led to Terminus which today is known as Atlanta, Georgia. Cool, right? But we really don’t know anything about Terminus. It could be worse than Woodbury. I’m a bit curious as to why none of the gates were locked and there were no guards.

Although Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob and the others are warmly welcomed by Mary (Denise Crosby), a citizen of Terminus, I’m left with one nagging question. Will everyone on Team Rick make it to Terminus? Who will arrive and who won’t? Leave a comment with your pick of survivors who you think will make it to Terminus, and this week’s Twitter hashtags are #zombiedinosaur and #tunnelwalkers.

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