The Flash Revealed!


A couple weeks ago we got our first look at the mask of the CW’s new Flash, the superhero spin-off from their wildly popular “Arrow” TV series. Now we have the first real look at the full costume… check it out after the jump!


Hmmm… it’s a bit different from the comics, as it should be. Bright red spandex is not always the right choice for live-action. As a life long fan of The Flash, and a hardcore “Arrow” fan, I have to say I like it. What say you out there? Are you digging the duds of TV’s newest fastest man alive?

No airdate is set as of yet for the pilot or series of “The Flash” on the CW, but I think it’s a sure bet for the fall. Grant Gustin, formerly a heavy on “Glee,” played Barry Allen on “Arrow” and will continue the role as he becomes the scarlet speedster. The costume was designed by the award-winning Colleen Atwood, of “Arrow” and dozens of high profile films.

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