Gilbert Reviews Resurrection S01 E01: The Returned


I’ve been waiting to watch Resurrection, the new ABC series based on Jason Mott’s novel The Returned.  The dead are returning and no one knows why or how. Are we dealing with zombies, aliens, or clones and will this series be as good as “The Returned” a French television series shown on the Sundance channel? Find out after the jump.



The story starts with a young Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), who is eight years old and wearing a Mansfield Panthers tee-shirt waking up to find himself in a rice paddy field. Not a big problem, but this rice field happens to be in China. How did he get there is the topic of the season premier. Jacob is sent home to the states and is met at the airport by Agent Bellamy (Omar Epps) from ICE, the Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency. Agent Bellamy is trying to determine if Jacob was kidnapped or a victim of human trafficking.

After Jacob tells Agent Bellamy that he lives in Arcadia, Missouri, the agent calls the local police department to check if there are reports of missing children. Sheriff Fred Langston (Matt Craven) is not much help, and in fact, is quite surly over the phone.

Henry and Lucille resurrection

Henry and Lucille

To say the least, the parents are flabbergasted when Jacob is brought to their house. “My son died thirty-two years ago. Drowned in the river along with his Aunt Barbara,” says Henry (Kurtwood Smith). Lucille Langston (Frances Fisher), on the other hand, has no doubts that this is her son. Jacob is a bit confused as to why his parents are now senior citizens complete with wrinkles and age spots. After Jacob experiences a seizure, he is rushed to the hospital.  Jacob meets his childhood friend, Tom (Mark Hildreth) who is now grown up and a man of the cloth. Pastor Tom seems to be shaken by the possibility of dead people returning. Ever hear of Lazarus, Tom?


The doctor is Maggie Langston (Devin Kelly) is not only the cousin of Jacob, but she is the daughter of Sheriff Langston and Barbara. Yes, that Barbara the one who took her baby girl for a stroll along the river. Jacob at first has no heartbeat. Is this a clue?  Jacob revels to Maggie that he drowned trying to save Barbara who was already in the fast moving river and that there was a man there; someone known to the family. Maggie and Agent Bellamy review the autopsy photos and notice the marks of a struggle on Barbara’s neck and wrist. I found it very strange that Maggie didn’t react shocked when she saw those bruises, marks that meant her mother might have been thrown into the river by someone. Henry has to break the news to his brother, Sheriff Fred that Barbara was cheating on him. That might explain the stroll along the river.


After DNA tests are done and while they wait for the results, Jacob runs away and returns home where we meet a new character, Caleb Richards (Sam Hazeldine). Caleb is the father of Maggie’s friends Elaine (Samaire Armstrong) and Ray (Travis Young). Caleb, like Jacob, is dead, but his death is from a heart attack.


Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the French series “The Returned” on Sundance channel, or maybe Resurrection’s premier was just a bit weak. I’ll decide after watching a few more episodes. There was one question that was never answered and that is a shame. I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s because I watched too many forensic shows, but if my family member, who died thirty years ago, was knocking on my door, my first thought would be that I was seeing a ghost, zombie or a clone. My second thought would be to check the grave. Wouldn’t you?

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  1. Yes that would have been my first or second thought. I am checking the grave to make sure they aren’t there

  2. Just watched last night; intriguing…I’ll stay with it for the next few weeks; really like the cast as Omar Epps has always been one of my favorite “under the radar” actors.

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