Andy Burns Picks His Top Five Albums Of 2012

There’s no doubt about it, I’m a classic rocker, through and through, as you’ll see with my top five favourite albums of the years. They’re here in no particular order – but I’ve loved them all.


Clockwork AngelsRush: A concept album from Canada’s preeminent power trio, this was another strong late period album from Rush, following the successful Snakes and Arrows from 2007. There are so many highlights on Clockwork Angels, but for most fans, the album’s undeniable knockout was the first single, a 7-minute epic called Headlong Flight. The ensuing tour left mouths gaping, including the young fans the band continues to gain every year.

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The_Beach_Boys_-_That's_Why_God_Made_the_Radio_Album_CoverThat’s Why God Made The Radio – The Beach Boys: I don’t think anyone expected a good Beach Boys album from a band that hasn’t made a decent record since the 70’s and who haven’t all worked together in nearly three decades. However, with Brian Wilson producing and contributing a group of stellar songs, the reunited Beach Boys made their best album in forty years, containing a great single in the title track and a gorgeous suite of music that closes the album. It may not be Pet Sounds, but at least it’s in the ballpark.

Van_Halen_-_A_Different_Kind_of_TruthVan Halen – A Different Kind Of Truth: The band’s first album with David Lee Roth since 1984 is also the band’s best since that time. Some complained that Van Halen chose to use demos from the 70’s to fill out the record, but when the songs are as kickass as She’s The Woman, who cares? First single Tattoo was too poppy for some, but there’s not a ballad or bum track in the bunch

KissMonsterAlbum2KISS – Monster: KISS’ twentieth studio album features the line-up that’s being doing the work for almost a decade – Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer. Picking up where 2009’s Sonic Boom left off, the band dishes out their distinctive meat and potatoes variety of salacious and anthemic hard rock. Though you’ll likely question the album’s first single based on title alone, Hell or Hallelujah could have come off one of KISS’ classic 70’s albums.

Celebration_Day_coverLed Zeppelin – Celebration Day: A live album from Zeppelin’s shining December 2007 reunion concert, this is essential listening for anyone who loves rock. With drummer Jason Bonham stepping into his late father’s shoes, it sounds as if no time has passed and that the group had been playing together regularly these past thirty years. Every song is a highlight.

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