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Hitch, Ross and America’s Got Powers and An Absolute No Show Top The Wednesday Run – April 11, 2012

Editor’s Update: Turns out, the information about the release of one of this week’s featured title, gleaned from DC Comics’ own website is incorrect. Absolute Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Wars is now scheduled to be released in October, at least according to Amazon.ca. You can order it here and read about why you should after the jump.

But before that, as far as a single issue you should be picking up today, hands down it’s America’s Got Powers by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch. Just when you think you’ve seen everything a superhero comic could do, these two creators come up with an absolutely brilliant concept (superpowered people competing on television for a spot on a team) and a stellar delivery. Ross’ dialogue makes you feel like you’re part of the tv show, while Hitch’s art is widescreen gorgeous. He makes use of double page spreads frequently, so I do recommend actually getting this issue in physical form rather than digital. For $2.99 and at 38 pages, it’s well worth it. America’s Got Power is currently scheduled to run as a mini-series, but I’m pretty sure we’re all going to wind up wanting more from these two. – Andy Burns

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Titanic Teams: John Byrne’s Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight (1983-85)
Writer/Penciler/Inker: John Byrne

Alpha Flight was the second X-Men spinoff title (with The New Mutants being the first) and X-Men co-plot/penciler John Byrne took full control of the series. Byrne’s Alpha Flight was a comic book about characters disguised as a team book. It wasn’t your archetypal team book where heroes would team-up to battle the latest world-threatening menace. Alpha Flight focused on one team member per issue while the main team story ran as a subplot, building to a climax that would bring the team together.

Alpha Flight was originally designed as a super-hero team that could match up against the X-Men. Byrne challenged himself to bring the characters to life beyond a supporting role and shake the title’s billing as an X-Men spin-off. His entire first year on the book, after a full-team battle in issue #1, was spent building characters, dedicating an issue or two each, giving them some room to breathe. He had a plan though and it was building up to issue #12.

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