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Biff Bam Pop’s The Comic Stop Exclusive Interview: Peter Bagge On His New Dark Horse Series Reset

What if you could do it all over again? Talk to that girl or guy in high school that you always got tongue-tied around. What would you say? Would it be any different this time, or would you make it even worse than before? That’s what beloved Harvey Award winning writer and artist Peter Bagge asks with his new Dark Horse Comics series Reset, in which down on his luck comedian Guy Krause is offered the chance to reset pivotal moments in his life via virtual reality. Peter was kind enough to answer some questions via email about Reset, his inspiration, creative process and much more.

Andy Burns: Congrats on the first issue of Reset – as someone who often wishes they could go back and change some pivotal moments in my life, I really enjoyed the story. On that note, what was the genesis of Reset?

Peter Bagge: Like I assume everyone else that ever lived, it started with me wondering “what if” and “if only.”  I then tried to imagine it actually happening, but had to ground it in reality somehow to make it work as a story for me.  The whole “relive your life VIRTUALLY” thing was the only way I can see that happening.  From that starting point I had an easier time imagining the bugs and pitfalls of such a thing than I did any potential fun or benefits.  I’m a hopeless cynic.

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