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Titanic Teams: Guest Blogger Jonathan Maberry Takes Us Into Hell: The Birth of Echo Team

Since Biff Bam Pop went live back in August 2008, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry has been a great friend to the site. Today, as part of our Titanic Teams month and to coincide with the release of his brand new novel Assassin’s Code, the fourth in his Joe Ledger series of books, Maberry offers up a look at putting together the perfect team – Echo Team. Take it away, Jonathan.   

A tough, independent, resourceful, and self-sufficient hero is all well and good if the bad guys come at him in ones or twos. If it’s a moderate-size pack of zombies he might get through it without help.

But when things go from bad to really frickin’ bad and the hero is outnumbered and outgunned, then a little back-up is useful.

For Joe Ledger, former Baltimore cop, ex-Army Ranger, current government agent and world-class smartass, that back-up comes in the form of Echo Team.

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