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Biff Bam Pop’s The Comic Stop Exclusive Interview: Michael Moreci Kickstarts His Book Reincar(Nate)

This past Thursday JP Fallavollita and I had the chance to talk to the creative team on Image Comics’ Hoax Hunters – you can check that out right here. Along with Hoax Hunters, writer Michael Moreci is also working with artist Keith Burns on their title, Reincar(Nate), but rather than going with a traditional publisher, the duo are looking to get their physical book into people’s hands utilizing Kickstarter. Michael Moreci answered some questions via email about Reincar(Nate), Kickstarter and why it can be a good tool for creators.

Andy Burns: You recently started a Kickstarter campaign for your book Reincar(Nate) – first off, for readers who might be unfamiliar with Kickstarter, could you explain what it is?

Michael Moreci: I think Kickstarter is a lot of different things to different people. My approach to it with Reincar(Nate) is a pre-order system, one that is not totally unlike the current system that supplies 99.9% of all comics to shops. Kickstarter is more direct, though, and comic shop stock isn’t predicated on a certain goal being met (usually), so there are differences.

Basically, Kickstarter is a great DIY method to get passion projects off the ground. You start a page and explain what your project is about, what funding you’re looking for, where the money will go, etc. It’s pretty cut and dry. And based on that, people have different levels at which they can contribute, and those levels offer various rewards. For Reincar(Nate) we have a lot of cool stuff–original artwork, a behind-the-scenes digital packet, even an opportunity to be illustrated in the book.

Reincar(Nate) is a project I’ve been working on with artist Keith Burns for quite some time. We have a deal to release the book digitally with Viper Comics, but we’re old school; holding the book in our hands means a lot to us, and we think it does to others as well. So we’re raising money to help make that happen.

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Titanic in 3D vs American Reunion vs The Hunger Games – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions, Weekend of April 6th, 2012

James Cameron may be king of the world, but the question is can a blast from his past take down The Hunger Games? Or will both films get eaten up by another helping of American Pie? Here are our predictions:

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