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Titanic Teams: Avengers Vs X-Men, Comixology and Marvel – The Perfect Digital Revolution

If you’re a comic book lover (and if you’re reading Biff Bam Pop I’m guessing you do love your comics), you likely know that it’s a huge day for Marvel Zombies like myself, thanks to the release of the first issue of Avengers Vs X-Men. Marvel has been teasing this massive event for months now, so it’s pretty exciting to finally be able to see the teams get ready for battle. If you’re going to read the issue, and I recommend you do (the script from Brian Michael Bendis hits all the right note and the art by John Romita Jr is solid), you really want to make sure you check out the digital version available at or via the comixology App.

It’s pretty much the future of comics.

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Sun, Surf, Sand, Flex…Yes, Flex…And Trademark Infringement On The Wednesday Run – April 4, 2012

Back from March break?

Thawed from the winter cold?

Fresh from pumping iron at the gym?

Ready for the summer?

Willing to flex some hard, sexy muscle on the beach, all bulging biceps and swollen pectorals, wearing nothing but a teeny, leopard-print banana hammock? Flex Mentallo, the famous “Man of Muscle Mystery”, did just that…over sixty years before he was first created?!?

Wait! What? How!?!

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