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Here’s What’s Fantastic About “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Throw on some jazz, pour a glass of Giggle Water, and curl up with your favorite bowtruckle, we’re talking Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, on this spoiler-free review.


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Creations of Chaos: Laputa: Castle in the Sky

When I grow up I want to be a pirate airship captain. On this edition of Creations of Chaos, it’s Studio Ghibli’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky.


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Creations of Chaos: When Marnie Was There

When Marnie was There Poster

An orphan, a mystery, and a secret friendship: in this edition of Creations of Chaos, I reconnect with the types of stories I obsessed over as a child, as I discuss Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II – The Book and The Event



Grab your wands, don your robes, and rejoice! After almost ten years, J.K. Rowling has gifted us a new Harry Potter book. Get ready for some spoilers and midnight release party fun as I discuss Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I and II.

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The Librarians S02 Ep10: The Final Curtain


This season we faced a tentacle monster, a demon, doppelgangers, and Dorian Gray. We got to meet The Library turned person, and although like the Library we all want one more milkshake, or in this case, one more episode, it’s time for the big bad showdown in the season 2 finale of The Librarians.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Fangirl Accessories

I am a girl who loves to wear her fandoms. You can keep your gold and your Louis Vuitton. I’ll take a pair of TARDIS earrings and a Totoro purse any day. Thankfully with the rise of geek culture, the internet is rife with fun, amazing, fangirl accessories.


Diamonds may be a regular girl’s best friend, but fandom themed jewelry is a fangirl’s best friend.  Ragged Fox creates delightful jewelry. Whether you fancy some mini-Lego Hulk earrings or Lumpy Space Princess earrings, there is something for all fandoms.

HulkI think a perfect gift would be a set of Jayne’s hat earrings matched with a Serenity necklace.

A New Way to Carry Your Books

Like many bibliophiles, I’m often overwhelmed by my books- to- read pile, so instead of gifting that reading obsessed girl in your life another book to add to the pile, you could give a purse made from a book instead.

Novel Creations has an array of purses for all reading genres.

There are HP Lovecraft and Stephen King purses for the horror reader.

HP Lovecraft purse

For Fantasy readers, every Harry Potter book is available, or you can opt for a Game of Thrones purse.

Potter purse

There are even a couple of Walking Dead purses perfect for carrying small zombie fighting paraphernalia.

WD purse

A Little Flavor

Lips can get extremely dry in the winter. I myself keep a lip balm in every coat pocket and bag that I own. Lip balm is great, but it’s even better when it’s flavored with fandom.

Bubble and Geek creates some tasty balms.

Game of Thrones fans can keep their lips moist with Winter is Coming.


Harry Potter Fans can enjoy Butterscotch Brew and Pumpkin Pasties.


Whovians can apply some Sonic Screwdriver or Jammy Dodger to their lips, and my absolute favorite, Bubble and Geek has created a tinted lip balm set based on The Doctor’s female companions.


I’d be happy to find any of the above items wrapped, bowed, and with a gift tag with my name on it. They are things that can’t easily be found in stores, and are perfect gifts for fangirls who love to wear their fandoms.


The Librarians S02 Ep09: The Happily Ever Afters


I can’t believe the penultimate episode of season 2 is upon us. This week we had happy endings, lots of kissing, and a delightful fairy.

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The Librarians S02 Ep08: The Point of Salvation


If you think video games are aggravating, this week’s episode of The Librarians teaches us that a live, real life version is even worse. Also, fairies are jerks.

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The Librarians S02 Ep07: The Image of Image



On this week’s episode of The Librarians, London is calling and The Librarians must answer in order to solve a mystery involving the demise of the patrons of  trendy Club Effigy.

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The Librarians S02 EP 01&02: The Drowned Book and The Broken Staff


The ley lines are officially open, and magic is returning to the world and to our televisions. The two hour frantically packed season premiere of The Librarians included a mega storm, revenge against a famous playwright, and a monster on Tinder.  It’s all just part of the job when you are a Librarian.

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