The Librarians S02 Ep09: The Happily Ever Afters


I can’t believe the penultimate episode of season 2 is upon us. This week we had happy endings, lots of kissing, and a delightful fairy.

Commander Agent Sheriff Professor

You know it’s a bad day when you’re being chased by ninjas, and for Flynn Carsen, his day is about to get worse. Having successfully acquired the final missing artifact, he returns to the Library to find Eve and the other Librarians missing. Not only does Jenkins not know what happened, he doesn’t know Eve or the other three at all.

Fortunately the clip book comes to the rescue, and points Flynn in the direction of Cicely Island, Washington, where a situation involving a totem has arisen.

Although the idea of a character being seduced by the false, alternate reality of their dreams isn’t new, the concept never gets old. It’s always interesting peeking into the mind of someone’s perfect unreality.

Jake Stone- He’s a professor for almost every University Department, or so it seems, at the University of Cicely. Of course when he’s not giving lectures, grading papers, or giving pretty co-eds rides on his motorcycle, he does a little Indiana Jones-ing. Speaking of Jones…

Ezekiel Jones- Ezekiel is an FBI agent who gets plenty of work despite the island’s minimal population. His days consist of looking cool in a suit, and having badass cop chases in the local diner.

Cassandra Cillian  – She is an accomplished astronaut turned children’s science show host. She appears to spend her days off running the bar that the gang owns, and enjoying her ponies.  I imagine that my self-fulfilling delusion would involve a backyard sloth sanctuary.

Usually I remark on Jenkins’ attire, but I think Cassandra wins for best dressed this week. I coveted that hat.

Eve Baird- Eve is Cicely’s sheriff. She appears to know everyone on the island, and is dating Mayor Moriarty, Mayor James Moriarty. Since I’m not an Eve/Flynn shipper, I was excited to see Eve and Moriarty together, even if was a delusion.

Flynn is flabbergasted by the Eve/Moriarty paring, especially after witnessing the two kissing.


It was delightful to see that even though the members of the gang were living their individual delusions, they were still together.  If The Librarians ever decided to hang up their magical adventures, I would totally watch a show about them owning an island bar.


Jenkins advises Flynn to play along with the delusions least they grow stronger.  Time is running out, and if the delusions continue to grow, Eve and the others will be trapped in this happy ending prison forever.

After finding out that the ferry to the island has been down, everyone becomes suspicious of Flynn and the other recent arrival to the island.

“Thou liest”

The other visitor reveals herself to be none other than Ariel, Prospero’s fairy, who has, for the time being, escaped Prospero’s grasp.


I completely fell in love with Scottish born actress Hayley McLaughlin. She was perfect as the adorable Ariel.  I loved her so much that, if it weren’t for the fact that The Doctor just had a wide eyed, brunette, companion, I’d say add Hayley to the list. What the heck, add her to the list of possible new companions anyway.

Enlisting the help of the fugitive fairy, Flynn is able to lure the Guardian and Librarians back to the Library where the truth is explained. Ezekiel, Cassandra, and Jake are believers; Eve needs a bit more convincing in the form of true love’s kiss. The plan, place their individual talisman in front of the totem in order to fully break the spell.


On their way to the totem they are each seduced with one last ultimate delusion.  Jake is offered a position at The Louvre.  Ezekiel is tempted to take a job with Interpol, making the world his playground. Cassandra is enticed by a mission to Mars, while Eve receives an engagement proposal from Moriarty.  I think Eve’s delusions revealed the most about her character. You might think that what she most craves is a good challenge and being in charge, but it seems that what she most longs for is stability.

Everyone rejects their ideal delusion, and with assistance once again from the quirky Ariel, they each place their talisman in front of the totem, then they tell their real stories.

Unfortunately the gang leaves their happy endings for a potentially tragic one.  Ariel is caught again by Prospero, and Flynn loses his memory for a minute, but is revived by a reverse true love’s kiss from Eve. Jenkins informs them that they have been lost in the world of delusion for three weeks, giving Prospero time to super charge the magical ley lines, an act that could bring about the world’s destruction.


Overall this was a fun episode, though I would have liked to have seen at least one of the characters have a little more conflict over leaving their delusion.  They seemed to reject them easily once they learned they weren’t real, but I feel like for me, there would be a temptation to say, forget the real world, I’ll stick with my delusion thank you very much. I guess that’s why I’m not a Librarian. They are made of stronger stuff, and stronger stuff is what will be needed if they are going to thwart the annihilation of the world in next week’s season finale.

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