The Librarians S02 Ep07: The Image of Image



On this week’s episode of The Librarians, London is calling and The Librarians must answer in order to solve a mystery involving the demise of the patrons of  trendy Club Effigy.

Professor of Awesome

Patrons of Club Effigy in London are dying of mysterious circumstances. The Librarians, including Ezekiel Jones, Professor of Awesome, decide to do a little investigating.

While dishing out some helpful clubbing advice, Jenkins shares a little too much information about his clubbing days. Apparently his attire at one point was more birthday suit and less ascots and pocket squares.

The gang gets gussied up, and arrives to the club, Mean Girls slow-mo style.


I identified the most with Cassandra in this episode. My clubbing experience is shamefully lacking, I have been known to take people down while attempting to walk in heels, and I get equally excited when I find a sought after item buried at the bottom of my purse.

I also realized through this episode that Jake Stone is written to be the man of my adolescent fantasies.  He’s handsome, would punch someone out to defend my honor, and could converse endlessly about art and poetry. The sixteen- year- old me would be head over heels.

Poetry knowledge is not enough however, to grant Jake  entrance into the super voguish Effigy.


The girls have no difficulties getting in.

Marshmallow Body

Lindy Booth did an amazing job this week portraying an innocent drunk- on- magic Cassandra. Though goofy on fizzy water, Cassandra is still able to perform some mathemagics to help identify who will be the next mysterious circumstances victim.


Jake and Ezekiel find the victim and save her life using a defibrillator MacGyver would be proud of, while Jenkins, who is out of the Library again this week, yippee, works with Eve to contact the boys. Cassandra must deal with a boy of her own. She is approached by a “sexy, charming,” man, who, I think we can all agree, clearly purchased his attire from Madame Malkin’s Slytherin section. The man admits to being Dorian Gray, and Cassandra’s reaction is perfect. Who hasn’t done the I –will- slowly- inch- away- from -you and pretend- that- you- didn’t- say- something- bonkers move at a party at least once?


Good thing Jenkins is present to fill the gang in on all of the needed information. Dorian Gray, of Oscar Wilde literary fame, is in fact a person.  Not a fictional in this case, but a human, who dabbled in magic, and was friends with Wilde. Wilde wrote his Dorian Gray novel to be a cautionary tale about the dangers of magic usage. The Librarians are able to piece together that Dorian is transferring his sins to Effigy’s clubbing patrons, thus causing their deaths. He is accomplishing this feat by using 21st Century technology to make a new portrait of himself comprised of a mosaic of club goer photos.  The next clubber set to meet his/her demise turns out to be Cassandra.


Eve, perhaps the best Guardian ever, takes a selfie, and has Ezekiel switch it out with Cassandra’s photo.  Eve then has a show down with Dorian, played wonderfully by actor Luke Cook. Dorian threatens to jump off of Effigy’s roof. Per the parameters of portrait transference magic, he would survive the fall, and Eve would be the one who dies.

Jenkins is becoming my favorite character more and more.  He comes to the roof, just in time, and what I love  is that he gives Dorian Gray the chance to have a moment of redemption. He doesn’t show up guns blazing, or in this case iPad blazing. Jenkins offers to find a way to reverse Dorian’s spell. Dorian could go on to live a normal, albeit, a mortal life.  Unfortunately, Dorian feels that eternal youth and immortality are better than aging and death. Utilizing the selfie of Eve composed of pictures of Dorian, The Librarians prove that Dorian isn’t so immortal after all.


The Librarians continues to feed my literary nerdiness this season. I loved this modern take on Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray.  It did pose some interesting questions like are people really more self- absorbed today or was sitting for hours to have your portrait painted just as vain as snapping a selfie? Are people really more interested in seeing themselves having fun, than actually having fun?

In the end we learn that  1) Magical deaths cause you to burst into gold sparkle dust. 2) Tacos do not help hangovers, and 3) The current Librarians were most likely chosen because they are expendable.  Now Eve must tackle figuring out why she was chosen as Guardian. Will she find some answers next week? I guess we will have to wait and see.



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  1. I love this show more every week. And Stone is my fantasy…still.
    Looks, muscles, brawn AND brain? I keep dreaming!

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