The Librarians S02 Ep10: The Final Curtain


This season we faced a tentacle monster, a demon, doppelgangers, and Dorian Gray. We got to meet The Library turned person, and although like the Library we all want one more milkshake, or in this case, one more episode, it’s time for the big bad showdown in the season 2 finale of The Librarians.

Prospero is turning the earth into an “arboreal paradise.” The world will soon be consumed by forest.

The Librarians are running out of plans.  There are no artifacts in The Library powerful enough to destroy the staff of Zarathustra. The best way to defeat Prospero is to ensure that Shakespeare never writes/creates him in the first place. It’s time for some time travel.

It was no surprise that The Library had a time machine room that was filled with some famous time traveling devices like the Delorean and the Tardis.  All of these little geeky nods are one of the things that make the show so amazing.  Now practical things like copyright usage aside, why did they not take the Tardis?  Is it not the greatest time machine ever? I’m just going to pretend that they don’t have the key to the Tardis or something like that. That has to be why Flynn passed it up for the most breakable time travel device of the bunch.

Eve and Flynn zip away to 1611, leaving behind a shattered glass ball and no way to return to their present time.


Eve is not a fan of time travel, nor is she a fan of 1611.  The people stink, there is a fair amount of puss, and rat is a viable snack option.


They aren’t in 1611 for long before they are greeted by Moriarty. Like Eve and Flynn I know I should be skeptical. I know I shouldn’t trust him, but that convincing British accent gets me every time. Maybe, just maybe, Moriarty is really good at heart. Maybe Moriarty’s plan won’t be full of evilness and hoodwinks this time.

Moriarty’s plan turns out to be less than kind. He decides to kill Shakespeare, but Flynn, who is a total Shakespeare fanboy, saves the famous bard just in time. Unfortunately, Shakespeare appreciates Flynn’s apple throwing skills more than his acting ability.

In the present, Jenkins and the others search for a way to bring Eve and Flynn back.


It is revealed that Shakespeare has been writing his plays with a magic pen carved from the tree of knowledge. Next season they should write an episode about a girl who breaks into The Library, intent on stealing the magic pen and Pan’s flute. They are the only two artifacts I need. Maybe I could escape with them in the Tardis.

Shakespeare is miffed. He is being forced into retirement and is transferring his feelings into his character Prospero.


This allows Prospero to posses the playwright.

Prospero causes havoc because he wants to be supreme ruler. He even uses his staff, which is also part magic pen, to un-write Moriarty.  I yelled,

“Nooooooo,” at the top of my lungs while sitting alone on my sofa.  Why? Why is Moriarty gone? He was one of my favorite characters on television this year. He was gone in a puff of dust, literally dust. R.I.P Moriarty.

Eve and Flynn continue to fight a losing battle. They just can’t compete with a staff of power. Prospero zaps Eve into the water. It looks as if she is going to drown, until she is met by The Lady of the Lake.  Eve emerges shimmering, holding Excalibur.  Apparently Excalibur is like the Sword of Gryffindor. It shows up when most needed to the person who deserves its help.


Flynn is able to use the sword to destroy the staff of Zarathustra.

Jenkins and the other three Librarians perform an exorcism on present day Prospero using props from Shakespeare’s plays. Hearing Jake Stone recite Shakespeare makes the heart flutter just a bit. Shakespeare turns back into himself and he is able to return to his time, but Eve and Flynn are trapped in the past forever.

I thought it was funny how much people were freaking out on social media thinking that Noah and Rebecca decided not to return for season 3. I was not concerned since the show clearly had ten minutes left.  What could they do to fill up ten minutes? Bring Eve and Flynn back perhaps? Of course that’s exactly what happened.

Flynn asks Shakespeare to use the magic pen one last time to write the story of Eve and Flynn. They are turned into statues. The statues are kept safe in the Library until just the right time when the gang enters the previously locked statue room where Cassandra’s voice breaks the statue causing Flynn and Eve to appear; a brilliant plan.  There was then a good amount of kissing between Eve and Flynn, which I found more convincing this time around given their shared time travel experience, and seeing as Moriarty is gone, I suppose Flynn/Eve is okay.


Season 2 was a fantastic ride.  The Librarians is such a fun, imaginative, and creative show. It employees some top notch actors and takes into account the audiences’ fandoms. There’s a little something for everyone whether you love literature, architecture, science, or history.  I’m sad to see this season end so soon, but I look forward to the already announced season 3.

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  1. I was hoping for a little more of those wonderful Eve/Cassandra moments 😀 … but all in all an acceptable finale to the season.

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