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#Kirby100 Continues With The Escape-Tastic “Mister Miracle #1” On The Wednesday Run

The summer of #Kirby100 celebrations continues!

This month, the “King”, Jack Kirby, would have been 100 years old. His world-renowned comic book creations (Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Fourth World characters, etc.), however, are ever young. They remain in print, re-reprint, reimagined and returned to the Kirby greatness that originally saw their inspiration.

Throughout the summer, the writers of Biff Bam Pop! have been celebrating #Kirby100 with a series of articles which you can find right here.

Throughout the month of August, DC Comics has been celebrating Jack Kirby with various comic book one-shots and series, aimed at drawing attention to the multitude of DC heroes and villains that the “King” had created. One also gets the sense that the publisher is setting them up for a renewed pop-culture push, putting them front and center in the DC Universe.

Today sees the release of the first issue of the highly anticipated Mister Miracle!

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It’s A New Genesis In Wonder Woman #22 On The Wednesday Run – July 17, 2013

Ever since DC Comics implemented their “New 52” initiative wherein they rebooted all of their monthly titles as new first issues, nearly two years ago (God, “New” is not so new anymore is it?), a select group of hard-core fans have patiently been waiting for only one thing:

The return of the DC Comics Fourth World.

It seems that the Fourth World has been teased, periodically, within the pages of the Wonder Woman title. But today, those teases triumphantly end. Today, the Fourth World is finally in the here and the now, an integral part of the new and ongoing Wonder Woman mythos and part and parcel with DC’s (somewhat) “New 52”!

But what is the Fourth World, you ask?

Oh, it’s something special. Something with lots of history…

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