VFW From Director Joe Begos Is Absolutely Relentless

This is not a critique of VFW, the new film from director Joe Begos, because you can’t criticize something that is perfect.

The Cinepocalypse Genre Festival Descends on Chicago This June!

With luminaries like Joel Schumacher, Glenn Danzig, and GWAR in attendance, this year’s Cinepocalypse film festival is going to be crazy!

The Week In Horror: Vampires, and Zombies, and ‘Critters,’ Oh My!

Shudder does it right, Netflix does it wrong, and Begos does a vampire movie as Tim Murr escorts us through The Week in Horror.

TIFF 2015: In the Mouth of Midnight Madness

The Toronto International Film Festival just released their upcoming Midnight Madness roster. If your taste runs to horror, fantasy, shock and grand guignol with a capital jeezus this shit is … Continue reading TIFF 2015: In the Mouth of Midnight Madness