The Week in Horror: Dawn of the Dead, Bit + VFW

Happy Sunday, fiends. I hope you’re all doing well with quarantine. Watching anything good? I watched the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead yesterday for about the 500th time, but in light of the redneck revolution going on in some cities, that film became frighteningly more relevant than ever. Just watch the first scene in the news station. Romero wasn’t just commenting on the 1970s, he was prophesying. Good time to remind you that Second Sight has that amazing box set coming.

Some good news? Brad Elmore, director of Boogyman Pop and The Wolfman’s Hammer dropped the trailer for his upcoming feminist vampire film, Bit. The movie stars Supergirl’s Nicole Maines with a score by Wolfmen of Mars. The trailer looks great and the film hits VOD on April 24th.

Not a hell of a lot left to report. This fucking pandemic has Hollywood shut down-and no, I won’t be giving ink to a certain ill-timed Corona Virus cash-in from a certain doll horror obsessed producer. I just finished watching Joe Begos’ VFW, and I’ll have a full review up later, but for now, let me just say, damn! Great movie! It’s currently streaming and will be coming to Shudder soon, but I grabbed the Blu-ray at Walmart for about $12, can’t beat that.

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