The Week in Horror: The Stylist, Bliss, Issa Lopez, Silent Hill

Happy Women in Horror Month, fiends, and welcome back to weekly horror highlights update. Let’s get current…

If you follow Jill Gevargizian (Boom! Spelled it right on the first try) on social media, you’ll see that filming on the full-length version of her excellent short film, The Stylist, is well underway. It’s too early for anything like a trailer or a teaser, but considering what a fucking fantastic short The Stylist is, I think it’s safe to start getting excited now. If you haven’t seen the short, well just click play below. Make sure you have the sound up because there’s an audio effect that is just tasty. You’ll know it when it happens…

Shudder fans, Joe Begos’ (Almost HumanThe Mind’s EyeVFW) new film Bliss is now streaming on the service!

“A brilliant painter turns to anything she can to complete her masterpiece, spiralling into a hallucinatory hellscape of drugs, sex, and murder.”

Begos is building a hell of a filmography for himself. If you’re a fan of Cronenberg’s Scanners and haven’t seen The Mind’s Eye, you’re in for a treat!

Shockwaves Podcast on the Blumhouse network has Tigers Are Not Afraid writer/director Issa Lopez on this week’s show. Definitely worth checking out. The show is great in general, but having Lopez on is worth highlighting as Tigers is, in my opinion, the best horror film of the decade and it’s also streaming on Shudder right now. You can find Shockwaves on whatever podcast service you use, it’s not hard to find at all. There’s a Shockwaves fan group on Facebook, which I find to be a really fun movie discussion group which really cracks down on trolls, so you don’t have to deal with stupid flame wars as you do in other groups.

Christopher Gans, who gave us the fantastic genre-bending The Brotherhood of the Wolf, is returning to the world of Silent Hill (he directed the original film). Gans has reported he’s working on a new script with expectations to direct. I never played the game and so I didn’t have any interest in the films, but I finally watched the first one last year and was pleasantly surprised by it. Some of the CGI was dodgy, but overall I like what Gans did and really liked the climax. So, yea, I’m in. Also, I think it’s time to give Brotherhood a rewatch.

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