Fantasia 2018: The Nightmare of ‘Madeline’s Madeline’

The Fantasia 2018 selection, ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid,’ is a magical and tragic must-see film set against the violent backdrop of the Mexican drug wars.

The Witch in the Window

Fantasia 2018: ‘The Witch in the Window’ Rewards Patience with Scares

The Fantasia 2018 selection, ‘The Witch in the Window,’ demonstrates that movies revolving around family dynamics don’t have to be sappy, especially when they involve a disturbed spirit in the attic.

The Witch Part One: The Subversion

Fantasia 2018: ‘The Witch Part One: The Subversion’ Almost Gets It Right

The Witch Part One: The Subversion,’ South Korean director Park Hoon-jung’s latest film, graces Fantasia 2018 with a hefty dose of violence, but doesn’t bring audiences much of anything new.

Satan's Slaves 6

Fantasia 2018: ‘Satan’s Slaves’ Brings Visual Flair to a Horrific Tale

The Joko Anwar film, Satan’s Slaves, which had its Canadian premiere at Fantasia 2018, has a wonderfully lurid title which could lure in fans of Satanic cinema. But while there is mention of Satan, and there are most definitely slaves, this is not your typical devil movie.

Fantasia 2018: ‘Cold Skin’ is a Chilling Look at the Nature of Montrosity

The Fantasia 2018 selection, ‘Cold Skin,’ is a masterfully frightening and affecting film in which the main characters must combat monsters from both without and within.