“Sundowner”: The Most Action-Packed, Bloody and Hilarious Episode of Preacher Yet


Angels and demons and violence – oh my! “Sundowner,” this week’s episode of Preacher – was the most action-packed, bloody and hilarious episode so far. It’s about damn time, too.

Fiore and Deblanc finally reveal what’s inside Jesse giving him his special commanding ability – the offspring of an angel and a demon, named Genesis. The perfect balance of good and evil. Why is it inside Jesse? God only knows. Well, maybe. God hasn’t been too involved as of yet, but Jesse mentions He’s more than welcome to come take Genesis back Himself, after refusing to give it up to Fiore and Deblanc. Things are about to get interesting. Watching Jesse beat the absolute hell (or I guess heaven?) out of an angel disguised as a soccer mom was a pretty fabulous way to spend a Sunday night, that’s for sure.

Tulip continued to act like a jackass for the most part, which is still getting under my skin, but she finally revealed that she “had a kid once” (I let out a “CALLED IT!” when she said that) which makes me want to cut her at least a little bit of slack. She’s not wide-eyed wondering book Tulip anymore, she’s hardened been-through-some-shit/loved-and-lost TV Tulip now, and I guess I’d better just accept that.


Cassidy finally put together (How did he not know?!) that Tulip is Jesse’s girl, or was. I’m curious to see if AMC will go the way of the books and let him not care one single bit, or make him out to be a decent guy (for a vampire) and be loyal to his best mate. We get some more hints about Jesse’s past when Jesse says, “A mean old lady gave it to me,” in response to Cassidy’s question about a tattoo on Jesse’s back. Can’t wait to finally catch a glimpse of G… I mean, that mean old lady… on screen at some point. And more of these two in their underwear wouldn’t hurt either.


Poor Eugene (a.k.a. Arseface), having doubts about his recently acquired forgiveness and acceptance, requests that Jesse undo whatever he had done to Mrs. Loach. After an argument, Jesse loses his temper and in a special voice tells Eugene to go to hell, and Eugene instantly disappears from the church. Uh-oh. Like that poor kid hasn’t been through enough.


I’m enjoying the show a lot more now that I’ve made the decision to roll with it instead of comparing it to the books as much. It was never going to be as good, but at least now it can be good in its own way. Check out a preview for next week’s episode (“He Gone”) below:





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