“He Gone” and So Is Amanda Blue’s Patience For Preacher

If I could sum up Preacher’s Episode 7 in one word, it would be WHY?! Because that’s what I found myself shouting at my TV the most last night while watching. I’m still committed to not hating the series, because as a friend said, “I can’t hate it, it’s Preacher,” though I am mighty disappointed in the creators. After months of Rogen and Goldberg gushing about what huge fans they are of the comics, they’ve sure managed to knock the entire storyline on its ass and kick the absolute crap out of it. Repeatedly. And for the life of me, I can’t understand why.


Jesse and Tulip being childhood friends? Fine. But, why? Accelerating and completely downplaying the Jesse-Tulip-Cassidy triangle? Making it seem that Cassidy is “in love” with Tulip instead of simply being a selfish scumbag who takes advantage of her in the most brutal and devastating way down the road? I don’t… It… Ugh, fine. But, why? Jesse’s dad being a jerk? NOT fine. Also, WHY? Ruining the series’ most emotional line, the line that inspired the biggest tattoo I have , “Until the end of the world”? WHYYYYY?! With 5 Y’s! All of these changes seem so unnecessary. They’re too major. Storyline variations I understand, and expect, but to take the cores of these characters and twist them into unrecognizable (and offensive) caricatures of the people they once were – that I don’t understand.


The fact that Jesse’s dad now prayed for his father’s death (and his mom is missing?!) changes everything. Now he’s been carrying guilt all these years. That warps Jesse’s entire relationship with his family (not just his parents – his entire family). So much of the Preacher story and the journey on which the characters go together is based on the person Jesse is. The person Tulip is. Their pasts, together and separate, shaped them and led them together. Now that’s all wrecked. I thought there was a way to come back, but there isn’t. I had a lot of hope for this series. I waited 10 years for this show. I feel like a disappointed little kid.

Oh well. Tune in next week for “El Valero” and another no doubt scathing review by yours truly.


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