Disturbing Imagery Gets Preacher’s Latest Episode “El Valero” Some Extra Credit Points


Ever seen a man shoot himself deaf? How about a guy offer his own no-longer-attached penis to his friends? Ever watched a guy hold his daughter’s guts in one hand and a cow’s in the other while crying about the fact they’re both just meat? If you watched “El Valero,” last night’s episode of Preacher, you can no longer say no to any of these questions. I will give the show credit for its creative use of disturbing imagery.

This episode was almost entirely focused on Jesse who is working through his guilt about Eugene and struggling with his faith, or growing lack thereof. He seems to be finally recognizing how selfish he has been with Genesis and is doing his best to reach his goals without taking advantage of the power he’s for some reason been given.

Odin’s impatience at having been swindled out of the church Jesse unfairly and dishonestly promised him reaches a climax, you could say. It’s really something to see, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which I am. I must say, though somewhat disappointed in the absence of certain storyline loyalties, I am enjoying the liberty the creators have taken with Odin’s character. I imagine them reading the graphic novels over the years and thinking, “What’s this guy’s deal? He must have the most fascinating backstory!” It must be a hell of a lot of fun being the ones to create that.


It’s implied (though it was always assumed) that Cassidy is still alive (or… you know… “alive”) when Tulip adopts a sweet, dopey-looking hound dog and feeds it to some kind of creature in a back room, after cursing Jesse Custer.

The most redeeming feature of this week’s episode was when Jesse tells his congregation he is determined to track down God and make him speak to all of them. Though this varies from his original motivation to hunt down the Lord, at least he seems to be headed on the same mission. Finally.

As always, here’s a preview for next week’s episode, “Finish the Song.”




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