Amanda Blue Can Hardly “Finish the Song” in the Latest Episode of Preacher

With one episode left in its first season, Preacher ties up a few loose ends this week, though while answering some big questions it seems to be asking some even bigger ones.


We learn Cassidy is still as alive as ever, though in rough shape to say the least. His condition seems to have brought out a new side in Emily, who up until now has basically been a useless and annoying character as far as I’m concerned. At least she has good taste in movies and finally DID something. (Sorry Miles, but you were also useless and annoying.)


Tulip finally gets her hands (and weapons) on the infamous Carlos in Albuquerque. Jesse leaves her a message as she stares down the subject of her hatred and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I teared up a little bit hearing him say those six little words to her at the end. They’re not the same on-screen, but they’re the same in my head and my heart and I felt it. I love their love, the way I know it.


This episode was quite Saint-focused and though the repetitive/accelerated/whateverthatwas journey to Hell bit as the episode reached a close was one of the worst things I’ve maybe ever seen, I found the visuals of his vengeance entertaining enough. That poor singer.


Also, poor soccer-mom angel from the hotel room. Damn was that entire scene ever grim.


Nine down, one more to go. Preview for next week’s big finale below.

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