Amanda Blue reviews Preacher S01 E02: See

Well I was hoping to keep these reviews relatively spoiler-free, and I’ll still do my best, but there’s no way to discuss Preacher’s second episode without going into some detail. The opening scene made my eyes bulge and caused me to unwillingly gasp out a gigantic “HOLY SH*T!” of pure excitement. If you were watching last night and have read the comics, I’m sure your reaction was damn near identical to mine.

Finally, one of the biggest questions/concerns/fears of who would be included and excluded from the series has been answered: The Saint of Killers is with us. Personally, I couldn’t be more relieved to see him (portrayed by Graham McTavish), although his backstory seems to have been shortened for TV and the love story between him and his wife downplayed considerably. The basics (sick daughter, Ratwater, scalping of Native Americans) are present and I’m hoping The Saint’s character and story are shown the respect and done the justice they deserve. If not, longtime fans of the original series may just raise hell.


Another first appearance in ‘See’ was that of Odin Quincannon (played by Jackie Earle Haley). Though (very slightly) less creepy than in the books, Haley seems able to pull off Quincannon’s character and I look forward to seeing how far they go with him. If you’ve read the books, you know what’s going through my head right now. Hearing him lustfully discuss his meatpacking plant plans to an unsuspecting elderly couple whose home is about to be bulldozed, I suspect that his character will go as far as we’d… I don’t want to say “hope” so I’ll say “expect.”


Jesse struggles to learn more about his mysterious new voice and the powers attached to it while doing his best to fulfill his role as Preacher in the community and taking haunting confessions. Also (“No big deal,” she said sarcastically), but at one point Jesse mentions the person who “taught him to fight” and I was instantly covered in goosebumps. Wonder when that particular character will make his appearance, because it seems clear now it’s only a matter of time before Jesse’s past catches up to him for all of us to see.


Cassidy continues to dazzle us with his creative profanity and viciousness, his character definitely coming across more authentically in this episode than in the pilot. That scene in the church, with the two… Yeah. Great, great stuff. I won’t spoil it, but I will say I thought it was one of the most hilariously gory chainsaw scenes since that one in Evil Dead II.


Tulip carries on tempting the poor Preacher – via lighthearted bullying, mischievous pranks, and good old fashioned sexual tension – to join her on a ‘job’ but Jesse sticks to his proverbial guns and shoots her down every time. Tulip’s character seems a little more “bad girl” than she was in the books, but it works for the medium of TV. Ruth Negga has given Tulip a new energy and has made her a brand new kind of mesmerizing.


Preacher the TV show may not be (isn’t) identical to the graphic novels, but as an adaptation and as its own entity, it’s a brilliant piece of work. I’ll certainly be watching next Sunday’s episode (“The Possibilities”) and I hope you’ll join me.





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