31 Days of Horror 2021: Walkers Everywhere Should Bite Into “The Art of The Walking Dead Universe”

I remember a time when The Walking Dead was just a really solid comic book written by creator Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard (with a tip of the hat to original artist Tony Moore, as well). I would buy the series first as trade paperbacks, and then as hardcover collections until finally switching to digital omnibuses to read the series once it was completed.

Along the way, it became the massive AMC hit television show we’re all familiar with, spawning two separate series as well (Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond). And while every iteration of the concept has its own unique features, there’s no question that the live-action The Walking Dead has become a universe of its own, much in the way the Marvel Cinematic Universe has also developed.

This is what makes AMC Networks Publishing’s The Art of The Walking Dead Universe such a gorgeous celebration of more than ten years of groundbreaking storytelling. Written by Matthew K. Manning, who is no stranger to these sorts of books, having written countless titles for DK, The Art of The Walking Dead Universe takes us through the earliest stages of development on the original series, sharing concept art and storyboards and even opening title treatments. This process also includes the various spin-offs, helping highlight the differences between the series and the connective tissues that bind them together.

There are also sections throughout The Art of The Walking Dead Universe that detail the various locations from throughout all the series’, along with specific weapon breakdowns for characters like Carol, Michonne, and the late, great Merle had at their disposal. For old school fans who were there for those early seasons of The Walking Dead, it’s nice to see that the book is so encompassing, as we can shamble our way through pages of the prison and Hershel’s barn. It’s hard to believe how long the OG series has been on far, and how long it’s been since some of our favourite characters have come and gone.

The Art of The Walking Dead Universe is genuinely a must-have for devotees of the series; the only question is, which version do you buy. There are three covers available out there, and they’re all very, very nice.

Standard Edition with cover art by Brian Rood (order here):

AMC Exclusive Edition with cover art by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn (pre-order here):

Skybound Exclusive with cover art by David Finch & Dave McCraig (pre-order here)

All the content between the covers of The Art of The Walking Dead Universe is the same, so whichever cover you want to bite into, you’ll still discover the same stories and images inside. For fans of The Walking Dead on AMC, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

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